OPM will soon begin administering 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Federal employees will soon see the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey dropping it their inboxes. The annual survey is meant to measure the job satisfaction of federal employees.

VA reinstates committee to help fix healthcare issues

The Veterans Affairs Department is reinstating an 11-member Special Medical Advisory Group composed of leading medical experts to assist the VA in figuring out the best way to delivering healthcare to the 9 million veterans enrolled in the VA health system, says an April 24 VA statement.

House Republicans blame IRS wasteful spending for customer service decline

The Internal Revenue Service has been calling for a stop to agency budget cuts that they say have caused poor customers service, but House Republicans came out Wednesday to counter that claim.

Miller introduces bill to give VA secretary broad authority to fire any employee

The head of the House Veterans Affairs Committee introduced a bill today that would give the Veterans Affairs Department secretary more authority to fire "corrupt or incompetent employees," says an emailed April 23 statement from the committee.

GAO: Indian Affairs needs to address systemic problems with the way it manages its schools

The Bureau of Indian Affairs needs to address systemic management problems to improve schools under the bureau's purveyance, says and April 22 Government Accountability Office report based on testimony to the House Education and Workforce subcommittee on early childhood, elementary and secondary education.


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The Defense Department unveiled  a new cyber strategy  today that affirms its commitment to more effective deterrence in the cyber domain and the integration of offensive cyber options into combatant command plans. 


A Freedom of Information Act request from the Sunlight Foundation has turned into federal policy on agency data holdings, the foundation reported.