GAO: DOE's ability to manage contaminated sites hindered by lack of data

The Energy Department's ability to manage contaminated facilities that need to be disposed of is hindered by limited data on those facilities, says a Feb. 25 Government Accountability Office report.

IRS Commish: Tax return audits at their lowest level in a decade due to budget cuts

Tax return audits fell to their lowest level in the last ten years because the Internal Revenue Service budget cuts have forced the agency to reduce its number of auditors, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the New York State Bar Association at a Feb. 24 event. "The math is pretty simple," Koskinen said in the speech, of which the IRS provided a transcript. "There are fewer audits because we have fewer auditors."

PSC comes out against contractor workplace executive order

The Professional Services Council came out against a 2014 executive order that PSC President Stan Soloway says would punish law-abiding federal contractors. Under the executive order, which President Obama signed July 31, 2014, contractors have to report any labor law violations to federal agencies.

GSA acting administrator wants to continue advancing digital services and streamlined acquisition

In her first public message since she was selected as acting head of the General Services Administration, Denise Turner Roth said Monday she will work to make a better and more digitally-oriented workplace for federal employees.

IGs again tell lawmakers they need more help

Inspectors general from several agencies sounded off Tuesday at a hearing that covered the difficulties IGs face in getting information from agencies and the difficulties caused by long-term vacancies in IG offices.


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Reporting on the Internal Revenue Service's information technology investments is unreliable in terms of cost, schedule and scope of performance, says the Government Accountability Office.


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to shine light into the "dark Web" – the intentionally hidden portion of the World Wide Web which often provides those exchanging information with anonymity and encryption that deters monitoring.