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  • FierceGovernment's 2014 Fierce 15

    FierceGovernment is proud to announce our third annual Fierce 15 – a recognition of federal employees and teams who have done particularly innovative things.

    Most of the civil servants recognized in the Fierce 15 won't be found keynoting event after event across Washington. Instead, they handle behind-the-scenes orchestration of some of the most progressive projects underway in government and work tirelessly to make government more efficient, service- and mission-oriented, and accountable. See the list...

Senate bill to address veteran suicides gains steam

Support for bill that would overhaul the Veterans Affairs Department's suicide prevention strategy gained steam on both sides of the aisle in the Senate after the mother of a combat vet who committed suicide testified to the troubles with the current system. "Clay's story details the urgency needed in addressing this issue," Susan Selke, said at a Nov. 19 Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing. "Despite his proactive and open approach to seeking care to address his injuries, the VA system did not adequately address his needs. Even today, we continue to hear about both individual and systemic failures by the VA to provide adequate care and address the needs of veterans."

Nominee pledges to fix federal background check system if OK'd as OPM's No. 2

Retired Navy Rear Adm. Earl Gay said he would focus on fixing the Office of Personnel's background check system if the Senate approves his nomination as the agency's deputy director, a position that has been vacant for more than three years.

Chaffetz set to take over House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Tuesday was named the new House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman, set to take over from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) in the new year, getting the assignment over three other, more senior members.

VA issues second round of cards that allow vets to seek outside medical care

Veterans waiting more than 30 days for an appointment at a Veterans Affair medical center will be able to seek outside health care, the department announced in a Nov. 18 statement.

OPM reaching out to managers to educate on Pathways program recruitment

The Office of Personnel Management convened a 100-person session to help identify problems with the Pathways program, said OPM Chief of Staff Ann Marie Habershaw at a Nov. 19 event sponsored by FedInsider and George Washington University. OPM has been hearing complaints about Pathways, which is an internship program that could lead to a full-time government position, since it started in 2012, with federal managers saying hiring interns out of the program is too cumbersome.


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The Federal Aviation Administration could have a tough time meeting its deadline for the Next Generation Air Transportation program, or NextGen – a 20-year, $40 billion initiative designed to modernize a decades-old U.S. aviation system by using satellite-based, digital technologies to make air travel safe, reliable, convenient and more predictable – according to the Transportation Department's inspector general.


NATO launched its largest ever multinational cyber-defense exercise Nov. 18  –  a three-day training event that includes 670 technical, government and cyber experts operating from dozens of locations from across partner nations, NATO said in a statement. The training will test NATO's ability to defend its networks in the event of a cyber attack, NATO says in the  statement.