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David Perera is executive editor of the FierceMarkets Government Group, which includes FierceGovernment, FierceGovernmentIT, FierceHomelandSecurity, and FierceMobileGovernment. He has reported on all things federal since January 2004 and is co-author of Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market, a book published in October 2012. Based in greater-metro Washington, D.C., Dave can be reached here and can be found on LinkedIn or here. Tweeting at @daveperera.

Articles by David Perera

Information technology price transparency could come at cost

Total governmentwide transparency on pricing for information technology products could have unintended consequences, said a senior acquisition official.

Wide disparity seen between federal- and private- sector job satisfaction

The disparity between federal- and private- sector job satisfaction is the widest since the Office of Personnel Management started in 2009 collecting data making that comparison possible.

Audio: Kathleen Sebelius discusses Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers

The Health and Human Services Department Wednesday released a much-anticipated report (.pdf) on American enrollment into health insurance plans through the exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act.

Only Congress has the power to avert the coming constitutional crises

As the government shutdown enters its second week, the reasons for it are increasingly unclear as even obdurate House Republicans acknowledge that their goal of undermining the Affordable Care Act...

Nothing intractable behind government shutdown

Congress is not faced with an intractable problem that prevents the House and Senate from passing a continuing resolution that would fund the federal government and prevent the government shutdown...

Spotlight: Shutdown leaves invocation of GAO bid protest stays in unknown status

The Government Accountability Office office of general counsel will not consider new bid protests nor issue decisions while the government is shuttered, it announced as it and other agencies make...

Government to shut down

Recent years of House Republican brinksmanship over federal government funding finally came to an impasse following Congress's late night Sept. 30 failure to approve a continuing resolution for the new fiscal year starting Oct. 1. The federal government is shut down – barring essential functions necessary for the protection of national security, life and property, and functions funded by money with another source than one year appropriations bills.

Four more days before the government runs out of money

Barring an extension, there are four more legislative days in the House of Representatives before the fiscal year ends, and large parts of the federal government run out of money to operate. When...

You don't need a veteran family member to do good work at the VA

There's many reasons to be critical of the Veterans Affairs Department – sclerotic management, a mishandled outbreak of Legionnaire's disease at a VA hospital, slow benefits...

Independent verification for SDVOSBs and VOSBs needed across government

An effort by the House Small Business Committee to transfer verification of small business veteran businesses to the Small Business Administration is laudable – but could go further. At issue is the fact that the Veterans Affairs Department alone of all federal agencies requires independent verification of veteran-owned small business status before being willing to enter into a set-aside contract with such a business.