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HUD IG bemoans unqualified local housing leaders

"What we consistently see in these [public housing agencies] is executive directors and boards of commissions who really don't have the background and experience to run these PHAs. And some of them are running multi-hundred-million-dollar programs," he said.

Avoid single-bid procurements by engaging early with industry, GAO says

Reaching out to industry early in the procurement process can prevent situations where only one vendor bids on a contract that is supposed to be competitively awarded, the Government Accountability Office says.

Military suicide rate rose again in 2012

The suicide rate among active military servicemembers rose to 22.7 per 100,000 individuals in 2012. That's up from 18 suicides per 100,000 active servicemembers in 2011 and 17.5 in 2010.

Supreme Court to hear IRS summons case

In 2010, the IRS issued a summons to Michael Clarke, a Florida investor, while auditing an investing partnership where Clarke was the chief financial officer. Clarke claims that the summons was retaliation for the partnership's refusal to extend a statute of limitations – which it had already extended twice – to allow the IRS to continue investigating tax returns that dated back to 2005.

Customer satisfaction surveys give VA hospitals good marks

Veterans hospitals and outpatient facilities compared favorably to private sector counterparts in recent customer service surveys. The American Customer Satisfaction Index conducted telephone interviews with a random sample of veterans who used Veterans Health Administration facilities in 2013.

GSA divvies up $67M for 19 renovation projects

The General Services Administration has identified 19 renovation projects with a price tag of $67.4 million the agency says will lead to long term savings. The renovations, which include the creation of open work spaces, will allow agencies to rent 507,000 fewer square feet of space, saving them $17 million per year, GSA says.

IRS customer service wait times doubled since 2009

In fiscal 2014, through March 15, the average time that callers waited to reach an IRS representative was 16.8 minutes. For fiscal 2009 in its entirety, callers waited 8.8 minutes on average.

Temporary uses of public land 'remarkably durable'

Private uses of public land that are technically temporary often endure, even when policymakers have other priorities for the land, argues an article published in the Georgetown Law Journal. "Once established, these claims – of which there are hundreds of thousands – seem, in many instances, to take on a life of their own," writes Bruce Huber, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, in the article.

OIG: FAA missing the big picture on airline safety

Despite having extensive data on airplane safety violations, the Federal Aviation Administration doesn't seek to understand their root causes or identify safety trends, a report from the Transportation Department office of inspector general says.

SBA may request $1.5B bump in lending authority

The new head of the Small Business Administration told lawmakers she may return during fiscal 2015 to ask them to raise the lending limit on its flagship loan program.