IRS struggled to determine ACA tax credit due to faulty data, says GAO

Incomplete and delayed Affordable Care Act data made it difficult for the Internal Revenue Service to figure out if filers were eligible for a tax credit for acquiring their own insurance, says a July 29 Government Accountability Office report.

VA releases long-awaited plan to reform department, veteran engagement

The Veterans Affairs Department today released its long-awaited plan to reform the beleaguered agency after systemic problems were revealed in the way the agency manages its medical centers.

GAO instructs agencies on how to review GPRAMA progress

The Government Accountability Office offered several ways in which agencies can ensure they're reviewing performance goals properly in a new report.

House approves bill giving VA secretary greater firing authority

The House passed a bill Wednesday that would give the Veterans Affairs Department secretary greater authority to fire employees, which supporters say is necessary to turn the scandal-torn agency around.

GAO lays out ways agencies can combat program fraud

Federal agencies could reduce the risk of fraud through new detection processes laid out by the Government Accountability Office in a July 28 report.

IRS chief should step down, say House Oversight Committee Republicans

Republican members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are calling for President Obama to fire the head of the Internal Revenue Service for failing to produce documents related to political targeting.

House passes bill to investigate how data can improve program efficiency

The House passed a bipartisan bill Monday that would commission an investigation into how agencies can better use data on federal programs to improve operational efficiency.

DOJ indicts VA medical center exec with falsifying records

A Veteran's Affairs Department employee from a Georgia medical center has been charged with falsifying medical records in relation to last year's wait list scandal.

USPS complied with executive salary regulations, IG says

The Postal Service complied with all federal salary regulations that govern total compensation including annual salaries and bonuses for USPS employees, says a July 22 Postal Service inspector general report.

Budget cuts drove degraded service, thousands of lost jobs at IRS, finds GAO

The Internal Revenue Service lost about 6,300 employees in three departments alone and had to delay employee background reinvestigations for nearly 25,000 workers due to budget cuts, according to a July 24 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO commends DoD for delaying launch of new facility modernization cost estimate model

The Defense Department made the right decision to not implement an important model for estimating costs of DoD facilities because it wasn't reliable, says a July 27 Government Accountability Office report.

Brookings fellow: More transparency yields better projects at federal aid agencies

If federal aid agencies want to maximize the impact of their development projects they should begin by being more transparent with the progress of their projects, says Brookings Institution Fellow Jeffrey Gutman in a July 20 blog post.

GAO: Agencies having trouble implementing green building initiatives

Federal agencies are having trouble implementing the green building standards ordered by the Obama administration, says a July 23 Government Accountability Office report.

IRS management isn't monitoring how employees audit tax-exempt organizations

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't monitor how its employees select tax-exempt organizations for audits, says July 23 Government Accountability Office testimony.

Marine Corps only branch that responds to servicemembers' religious requests in timely manner, IG says

The Marine Corps was the only service to make timely decisions on religious requests made by military members, says a July 22 DoD inspector general report.

DOJ legal counsel ruling will block IG's access to some information

The Justice Department's inspectors general face new limits on the information they're allowed to access, thanks to a new ruling from DOJ's legal counsel outlined in a July 20 memo.

McCaskill witholding GSA administrator approval over plagued procurement database integration

It's not going to be an easy road for the nominee seeking to run the General Services Administration if Sen. Claire McCaskill has her way.

OPM retroactively raises the price of background investigations for other agencies

The Office of Personnel Management has retroactively increased the prices that agencies have to pay to have background checks done for new employees and those seeking security clearance, according to a July 21 OPM memo.

IG: Postal Service could generate millions by partnering with wellness services

The Postal Service could boost its revenue by partnering with wellness organizations that need help delivering goods and services to their clients, says July 22 USPS inspector general report.

HUD employee spent nearly $12K on agency purchase card during 2013 shutdown, IG says

A Housing and Urban Development employee racked up nearly $12,000 in charges to his agency purchase card to pay for groceries and other living expenses during the government shutdown in 2013, according to a recently released HUD inspector general report.