GAO: Agencies having trouble implementing green building initiatives

Federal agencies are having trouble implementing the green building standards ordered by the Obama administration, says a July 23 Government Accountability Office report.

IRS management isn't monitoring how employees audit tax-exempt organizations

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't monitor how its employees select tax-exempt organizations for audits, says July 23 Government Accountability Office testimony.

Marine Corps only branch that responds to servicemembers' religious requests in timely manner, IG says

The Marine Corps was the only service to make timely decisions on religious requests made by military members, says a July 22 DoD inspector general report.

DOJ legal counsel ruling will block IG's access to some information

The Justice Department's inspectors general face new limits on the information they're allowed to access, thanks to a new ruling from DOJ's legal counsel outlined in a July 20 memo.

McCaskill witholding GSA administrator approval over plagued procurement database integration

It's not going to be an easy road for the nominee seeking to run the General Services Administration if Sen. Claire McCaskill has her way.

OPM retroactively raises the price of background investigations for other agencies

The Office of Personnel Management has retroactively increased the prices that agencies have to pay to have background checks done for new employees and those seeking security clearance, according to a July 21 OPM memo.

IG: Postal Service could generate millions by partnering with wellness services

The Postal Service could boost its revenue by partnering with wellness organizations that need help delivering goods and services to their clients, says July 22 USPS inspector general report.

HUD employee spent nearly $12K on agency purchase card during 2013 shutdown, IG says

A Housing and Urban Development employee racked up nearly $12,000 in charges to his agency purchase card to pay for groceries and other living expenses during the government shutdown in 2013, according to a recently released HUD inspector general report.

OSTP: Prizes continue to entice the public to help government solve tech problems

Agencies have spurred innovation and saved money through the use of prizes that entice the public to help the government with complex problems, according to a July 17 blog post by two White House Office of Science and Technology Policy officials.

HVAC Chairman: VA will get its funding and not have to shut down hospitals

Two House Republicans said they won't let the Veterans Affairs Department shut down medical facilities because of its budget shortfall.

IG: Los Alamos hasn't properly implemented nuclear safety measures

The Energy Department's Los Alamos National Lab hasn't properly implemented several critical nuclear safety measures, according to a July 16 DOE inspector general report.

DOJ launches program to open up FOIA request responses to the public

The Justice Department launched a new pilot program to be tested at seven agencies that would open up Freedom of Information Act responses to everyone, not just the requester.

Candidates should be setting up transition teams now, Brookings fellow says

At the risk of appearing overconfident, the 2016 presidential candidates should start putting together transition teams now to make it easier to manage agencies from day one, according to a Brookings Institution blog post by John Hudak.

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FierceGovernmentIT is conducting research for an in-depth feature on cloud computing intitiatives in the federal government.

DoD components' fragmented SATCOM purchases needlessly increase costs, says GAO

Defense Department components are breaking rules by independently buying commercial bandwidth for satellite communications, which is costing the DoD money, according to a July 17 Government Accountability Office report.

Current and former DoD execs rally against NDAA amendment decentralizing DoD acquisition power

Former and current Defense Department officials have taken issue with a provision in the Senate's defense authorization proposal that shifts power away from Pentagon's acquisition chief.

DoD doesn't have plans to monitor women in combat positions past 2016

The Defense Department doesn't have a plan to monitor how the services integrate women into newly opened positions past the end of this year, says a July 20 Government Accountability Office report.

Postal Service broke its own rules by creating collectible stamp, IG says

The Postal Service defied its own policy when it created a rare stamp in order to generate demand for the product, says a July 15 USPS inspector general memo.

DoD business systems modernization isn't producing results, GAO says

The Defense Department's effort to modernize its business systems isn't producing the desired results because the department hasn't implemented recommendations defined over the last 20 years, says a July 16 Government Accountability Office report.

Political marginalization can lead senior agency employees to exit public service, says paper

Senior agency leaders with vast institutional knowledge may be driven from public service due to political disagreement with a new presidential administration, according to a new paper from researchers at Vanderbilt University and the University of Southern California.