Two VA medical centers marked appointments as complete before doctors saw patients

Two Veterans Affairs Department hospitals marked appointments as complete even before patients were seen by a doctor, according to a Sept. 29 VA inspector general report.

Congress narrowly avoids shutdown with short-term funding bill

The government narrowly avoided a shutdown last night when the House followed the Senate in passing a temporary spending bill that will fund the government through Dec. 11.

IRS isn't properly collecting ACA fees from health insurance providers

The Internal Revenue Service is having trouble collecting Affordable Care Act fees from health insurance providers because of bad third-party data and a faulty process for recovering lost fees, according to a Sept. 24 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report.

House and Senate come together on $600B defense authorization bill

The House and Senate came to an agreement Tuesday on a fiscal 2016 National Defense Authorization Act that sets out more than $600 billion in spending.

DoD, GAO disagree on how many financial management goals the agency has met

The Defense Department has made some progress in implementing congressionally mandated financial management strategies, but there's some disagreement over how many goals the DoD has actually met, according to a Sept. 28 Government Accountability Office report.

DHS, SBA and Broadcast Board ranked worst agencies for employee satisfaction, engagement in OPM survey

While NASA and Office of Management and Budget enjoyed high marks in employee satisfaction, agencies like the Homeland Security Department and the Small Business Administration pulled up the rear in the Office of Personnel Management's annual fed survey.

Fed health benefits premiums will increase by 6.4% in 2016

Premiums for federal workers enrolled in the Federal Employee Health Benefits program will be going up this year, according to a Sept. 29 Office of Personnel Management memo. On average, FEHB premiums will increase by 6.4 percent in 2016, OPM says.

IRS improperly withheld information in 12 percent of FOIA requests, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service improperly withheld information in about 12 percent of Freedom of Information Act requests that were reviewed in a recently released Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report.

VBA senior execs manipulated relocation program for financial gain, finds IG

Senior executives at the Veterans Benefits Administration inappropriately used their influence and the relocation expense program to obtain positions with less responsibility but the same pay level while also pocketing questionable reimbursements for their moves, finds an internal audit.

VA needs to better select grantees for its adaptive sports program

The Veterans Affairs Department could improve how it selects organizations to take part in its adaptive sports program so more veterans participate, according to a Sept. 28 Government Accountability Office report.

Postal Service could utilize driverless cars in the future, IG says

The Postal Service should look to the future and plan for how it could use self-driving vehicles to cut costs and speed up deliveries, says a Sept. 28 USPS inspector general blog post.

Feds slightly more engaged this year, says Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Federal workers were slightly more engaged in their jobs this year than they were last year, and NASA remained one of the top agencies for job satisfaction, according to the Office of Personnel Management's 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Lawmakers scramble to pass CR to keep the government open

With the fiscal year ending in just three days, leadership in both the House and Senate are scrambling to avoid a government shutdown through a continuing resolution that would fund the government long enough to make a budget deal.

USPS hasn't recovered certain sensitive documents from outside law enforcement agencies, IG says

The Postal Service hasn't ensured sensitive documents related to investigations from outside agencies are returned to them in a timely manner, according to a recently released Postal Service Inspector General report.

Transparency group claims the CIA is withholding torture documents

The Central Intelligence Agency has improperly classified and withheld documents related its post-9/11 interrogation practices according to a complaint filed by

DOE didn't let political appointees influence FOIA requests, IG says

The Energy Department didn't let political appointees interfere with how Freedom of Information Act requests were processed in fiscal 2014, says a recently released DOE inspector general report.

Miller bill would fund beleaguered VA Denver hospital project through scaled back executive bonuses

A bill introduced Sept. 25 by Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) would give the Veterans Affairs Department the money it needs to finish its troubled Denver hospital project, but the money to pay for it would come from capping VA executive bonuses.

FAA should further regulate the commercial spaceflight industry, says GAO

The Federal Aviation Administration shoudl issue regulations that ensure the safety of crews on commercial space flights, but needs more time to consult with industry, according to a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

IRS allowed $95M in improper Foreign Tax Credits, TGITA says

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't have internal controls in place to ensure taxpayers with foreign income are paying the proper taxes, says a recently released Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report.

Former EPA official charged the agency for nearly $70K in personal travel, IG says

Lax oversight at the Environmental Protection Agency allowed a regional administrator to rack up nearly $70,000 in unfounded travel expenses, according to a Sept. 22 EPA inspector general report.