VA investigating patient care problems at a slower rate, despite a higher number of incidents, GAO says

Veterans Affairs Department medical centers are rooting out patient care problems at a slower rate than normal despite an increase in incidents and the Veterans Health Administration doesn't know why, according to a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

Army Corps of Engineers paid $2.2M for half-finished building, audit shows

The Army Corps of Engineers paid more than $2 million for a half-built facility in Afghanistan that it has plans to complete, according to an Aug. 25 Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction report.

OMB seeking comments on new intellectual property enforcement plan

The Office of Management and Budget is soliciting opinions on what can be done to better intellectual property enforcement, according to a Sept. 1 Federal Register notice.

New feds will be enrolled in fund that's less risky as they approach retirement age

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board issued a final rule that would change the retirement fund in which new federal employees are automatically enrolled.

IRS didn't adequately protect taxpayer information following property seizure, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service could better protect the rights of taxpayers who had property seized due to delinquent taxes, according to a recently released Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report.

DOI's offshore drilling oversight division understaffed, says watchdog

The Interior Department division that handles oversight of offshore drilling needs more full-time staff to review and respond to incidents, according to a recently released DOI Inspector General report.

USPS can't track whether new customer experience program is improving customer experience, says IG

The Postal Service doesn't know if its new program intended to improve customer experience at post offices is actually working, according to a USPS inspector general report.

Employment incentives for federal aid programs helping, but driving up program costs

Financial incentives have been successful in ecouraging those receiving low income assistance to find employment, but those same incentives are driving up the cost of federal aid programs, according to a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

NARA re-evaluating deadline for agency email records management systems, official says

The National Archives and Records Administration is communicating with agencies to see if they'll be able to meet the December 2016 deadline to develop systems to manage email records, a top NARA official said during an Aug. 26 presentation at the 930gov Conference in Washington, D.C.

IRS had trouble helping identity theft victims due to budget constraints, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service is having trouble assisting identity fraud victims because of budget constraints imposed by Congress over the last few years, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

DoD hasn't implemented plan to properly monitor weapons acquisition, GAO says

The Defense Department isn't properly monitoring its weapons acquisitions for affordability, despite the Government Accountability Office laying out a plan for the DoD to do so eight years ago, according to an Aug. 27 GAO report.

NIH handed out grants without knowing the progress of the projects, IG says

The National Institutes of Health continued to hand out money to researchers who didn't prove they were using it effectively, according to a new Health and Human Services inspector general report.

Obama directs 1% pay bump for federal workers, 1.3% increase for military members

Federal civilian employees and military members will see a modest pay raise in the new year, according to an Aug. 28 letter from President Obama to Congress.

Lapses in IRS oversight put government at risk for ACA tax fruad, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service didn't properly monitor the 50 different tax provisions related to the Affordable Care Act because of lapses in its information sharing system, according to an Aug. 20 report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

PSC calls for Labor to update contractor locality pay rates

The Professional Services Council is calling on the Labor Department to update the wage rate for certain federal contractors providing services across the country.

USPS could help neighborhoods by using data for urban planning and checking on elderly residents, IG says

The Postal Service inspector general thinks the role of the Postal Service could go beyond just delivering mail by further helping the neighborhoods they serve, according to an Aug. 24 USPS OIG blog post.

GSA launches portal for quick IT purchases

The General Services Administration has launched a program that the agency says will make it easier for the government to buy pre-competed IT products.

Agency watchdog finds NRC political appointees didn't interfere with FOIA requests

Congress requested that the NRC inspector general make sure that political appointees, also known as non-career officials, had not interfered with the FOIA process and inhibited transparency.

DOI mismanaged grants for university climate research partnerships, IG says

The inspector general found problems with several areas of the funding process involving the government-university partnerships, which provide scientific and technical information to combat climate change,

CRS: Oversight of intelligence community contractors nearly impossible due to classified data

Oversight of intelligence community contracts is extremely difficult because the government doesn't have reliable contracting data and most of the intelligence information is classified, says an Aug. 18 Congressional Research Service report that was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists.