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Latest Headlines

2015 Budget Request: Defense Department

President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget proposal requests $495.6 billion in base funding for the Defense Department. That number includes $147.6 billion for the Navy, $137.7 billion for the Air Force and $120.3 billion for the Army.

Air Force swaps out BlackBerrys for iOS devices

The Air Force began the rollout of 5,000 iPhones and iPads to modernize its commercial devices earlier this month.

Air Force to launch 'neighborhood watch' space surveillance satellites

An Air Force general announced Feb. 21 the launch later this year of a previously classified satellite "neighborhood watch" constellation that will surveil space for covert satellites and debris.

Hagel to appoint official to oversee ethics in wake of cheating scandal

In the wake of recent military cheating scandal, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will appoint a senior officer to oversee ethical issues at the Defense Department.

DoD Enterprise Email gets nearly 10,000 new users

The Air Force headquarters has transitioned its unclassified email accounts to the Defense Department's cloud-based email system, DoD Enterprise Email.

Number involved in nuclear missile test cheating rises to 92

The number of nuclear-missile officers tied to an exam cheating scandal at a Montana base jumped to 92 and Air Force officials called the problem systemic in a Jan. 30 Pentagon press conference.

Report: DoD needs system to evaluate $100B cost-cutting initiative

An initiative to reduce overhead costs throughout the Defense Department by $100 billion needs a formal evaluation system, a report from the Government Accountability Office says.

Air Force seeks biometrics, NFC on mobile devices

The Air Force Research Laboratory outlined its pursuit of numerous mobile technologies in a recent broad agency announcement. One would allow mobile devices to authenticate Common Access Cards through near-field communication, the technology that allows devices to communicate when they touch.

CBO lays out possible military budget cuts

A mix of benefits cuts and military force reductions at the Defense Department could drastically reduce the Pentagon budget, said Congressional Budget Office analyst Carla Tighe Murray to a group of government workers and federal budget experts.

Spotlight: Air Force signs on to use GSA's OASIS

GSA calls OASIS a first-of-its-kind vehicle for contracts that span multiple disciplines, such as management consulting, logistics and finance.