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Latest Headlines

Mobile identity management 'key focus' for Air Force, industry

The Air Force is exploring strategies to address identity and access management for mobile devices, which will be less cumbersome than swiping a common access card through a bulky hardware attachment.

Air Force looks to do for HR forms what it did for the flight bag

"That whole HR lifeline that we all use every day in our own worlds — just took look at a pay stub or our insurance — is a core focus of ours," said Air Force CIO William Marion.

GAO faults Air Force's poor oversight, technical issues for GPS modernization delay

It's going to take $1.1 billion and approximately five more years for the Air Force to complete part of a GPS modernization initiative due to technical challenges and poor program and acquisition oversight, congressional investigators said in a report released last week.

Air Force seeks insider threat monitoring system

The Air Force is seeking commercial information technology to help it better monitor its networks for insider threats. The product will be a key component to the development of its Insider Threat Program, according to a solicitation posted by the service Aug. 11.

Air Force to personnel: Don't beat up reporters who disobey instructions

The Air Force issued guidance last month instructing personnel not to use physical violence against journalists who disobey instructions at the scene of an incident.

Leidos, Cerner win 'DHMSM', DoD's $11B electronic health record contract

The winning team, which also includes Accenture Federal and Henry Schein Practice Solutions, beat out competitors, including one team led by Allscripts, Computer Science Corp. and HP, and another led by Epic Systems and IBM.

GPS celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Air Force announced GPS' full operational capability two decades ago. On July 17, 1995, the service had 24 satellites in orbit, providing global 24-hour coverage.

Goodrich: Agencies get better security through FedRAMP than they do with in-house systems

"Vastly, what we're seeing across the government is the realization that they've had a chance to input into those baselines – and it is a lot of controls, I won't deny that either – but you are actually going through and doing all of those controls versus agencies haven't been going through and doing those controls themselves," said Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP director.

Air Force starts third round of voluntary early retirements, buyouts for civilian employees

The reduction is part of a Defense Department initiative that requires each military branch to cut costs and staff by at least 20 percent by 2019.

Air Force seeks tool to improve insider threat detection through new presolicitation

The notice said that capabilities may address intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance modernization, situational awareness, mobile networking and communications equipment, and cryptographic operations modernization, among others.