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Latest Headlines

GSA and Air Force partner to look at savings in GSA contracts

The General Services Administration and the Air Force established a working group to help identify ways to save money on enterprise-wide contracts, an Aug. 18 GSA blog post says. The working group will look into which GSA contracts the Air Force can use to cut costs, but still complete its mission, the blog post says.

Air Force tests reconnaissance system to give forces better picture of surroundings

The technology- called Skate- is a portable, adaptable and customizable small unmanned aircraft system, or SUAS. Users send the square black device out like a remote-controlled airplane, which records video that warfighters can watch to understand the vicinity, giving them a clearer picture of where they are, much like police officers who walk their beats.

GAO: Air Force capital fund below minimum cash requirement one-third of time

Balances in the Air Force Working Capital Fund fell below the minimum cash requirements one-third of the time between fiscal 2009 and 2013, a July 31 Government Accountability Office report says. The Air Force operates the AFWCF to provide certain goods and services to a variety of customers, including the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, non-Defense Department agencies and foreign countries, the report says.

IG: Space-based sensors being developed to detect nuclear detonations needs greater oversight

The Energy Department inspector general said it could not independently validate whether space-based sensors being developed to detect nuclear detonations globally will be delivered on time and on budget to the Air Force.

Commerce IG finds weather satellite ground systems vulnerable to cyber attacks

Cyber attackers could potentially gain access to critical weather satellite systems through interconnected information systems, an internal Commerce Department audit has found.

Air Force: 3 satellites expected to provide 'space neighborhood watch capability'

The Air Force plans to launch two operational satellites and one experimental one July 23 that could create a "space neighborhood watch capability," according to a press release.

Air Force will offer early retirement in effort to reduce workforce costs

The Air Force plans to reduce costs and personnel by offering early retirement to 3,500 civilian workers, a July 14 Air Force statement says. The reduction is part of a Defense Department initiative that requires each military branch to cut costs and staff by at least 20 percent by 2019, saving the Air Force about $1.6 billion over the next five years.

Lack of leadership, resistance to change helped kill key Air Force IT program, Senate report finds

The collapse and cancellation of a major Air Force enterprise resource management software program was caused by a combination of faulty leadership, cultural resistance and failure to follow Defense Department and congressionally mandated business rules, a bipartisan Senate report found.

GAO finds DoD planning for climate change impact mitigation lacking

Defense Department officials have begun to observe real impacts of climate change on military facilities, but poor planning and processes leave the department ill-equipped to protect infrastructure that may be at risk, says the Government Accountability Office.

GAO: Wider adoption of open systems approach could help DoD enhance systems, gain substantial savings

Despite some positive developments in implementing an open systems approach to product development, congressional investigators found that the Defense Department faces several challenges, namely a preference to purchase proprietary systems.