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Latest Headlines

Army developing pocket-sized drones so soldiers can peek around corners

The U.S. Army is developing pocket-sized drones for soldiers, potentially providing individual squads with the ability to safely look for enemies around the corner or in a nearby building.

Army looking to make food through 3-D printing

Army researchers are looking into ways to make food for soldiers using 3-D printing, a July 18 Army statement says. The research is coming from the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center to help with the Combat Feeding Directorate.

Army establishing standard marketplace for tactical communications hardware

The Army is establishing a standard marketplace where soldiers can acquire servers, ruggedized laptops and other tactical communications hardware in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Sequestration cuts would shrink Army, deplete forces, under secretary says

If sequestration continues, the Army will have to shrink its forces to 420,000 active duty soldiers, which would be too small for the service to do its job effectively, said Army Under Secretary Brad Carson at a June 26 Institute of Land Warfare event. If the military were to get involved in a major operation with those force numbers, he said it would be stretched so thin that the ratio of soldiers at war and those in the United States would be about equal.

GAO: Wider adoption of open systems approach could help DoD enhance systems, gain substantial savings

Despite some positive developments in implementing an open systems approach to product development, congressional investigators found that the Defense Department faces several challenges, namely a preference to purchase proprietary systems.

Kendall: Superior Supplier Incentive Program extending to Air Force and Army

The Navy Department's Superior Supplier Incentive Program, a pilot program launched as part of the Defense Department's Better Buying Power initiative, will be adopted broadly across the department, said a top DoD official.

House Appropriations approves DoD spending bill

The Defense Department would see nearly $500 billion in discretionary funding in fiscal 2015 under a bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee June 10. The $491 billion spending bill (pdf) would increase DoD appropriations by $4.1 billion over the fiscal 2014 enacted level and $200 million more than President Obama's request.

GAO: Army using various competitive methods to help modernize tactical networking systems

Congressional investigators found that the Army is using various competitive strategies to reach out to private industry in an effort to modernize its tactical communications and information networks.

Research raises prospects for anti-nerve-agent clothing, masks

Chemical compounds called polyoxoniobates can decontaminate sarin gas and other nerve agents, according to a new study. The discovery could eventually lead to the development of protective clothing and gas masks that incorporate the compounds, which dissolve easily into other materials.

Army will separate 2,000 officers as part of force reduction effort

The Army will involuntarily separate about 2,000 captains and majors in an effort to reduce the size of the force, an Army spokesman said. The separations will be used to meet goals set out by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in his fiscal 2015 budget proposal should it be made law.