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Latest Headlines

Army will separate 2,000 officers as part of force reduction effort

The Army will involuntarily separate about 2,000 captains and majors in an effort to reduce the size of the force, an Army spokesman said. The separations will be used to meet goals set out by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in his fiscal 2015 budget proposal should it be made law.

Army spending $500 million on unused facilities, McHugh says

The Army is paying about $500 billion a year to maintain unused facilities and needs a new round of base realignment and closures so the money can be used for training and readiness, an Army official told a House Panel March 27. "There's no use for those facilities and yet we still have to maintain them," Army Secretary John McHugh told the House Appropriations defense subcommittee.

Army, Navy turn to private firms to address housing shortage

The Army and Navy have turned to private construction firms to build houses for single military members to address an off-base housing shortage, says a March 18 Government Accountability Office report.

2015 Budget Request: Defense Department

President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget proposal requests $495.6 billion in base funding for the Defense Department. That number includes $147.6 billion for the Navy, $137.7 billion for the Air Force and $120.3 billion for the Army.

Army issues manual for 'cyber electromagnetic activities'

It describes the concept of cyber electromagnetic activities as the overlap between electronic warfare – such as jamming – spectrum management and cyber operations. The term first appeared in official Army strategy documents in 2011, when it merited a mention in another Army  field manual  (.pdf) governing unified operations on land.

CBO lays out possible military budget cuts

A mix of benefits cuts and military force reductions at the Defense Department could drastically reduce the Pentagon budget, said Congressional Budget Office analyst Carla Tighe Murray to a group of government workers and federal budget experts.

OPM wants feds to get tenure more easily

Federal employees would no longer have to work continuously in government for three years to attain career tenure under a proposal from the Office of Management and Budget.

NDAA provisions to help small business secure contracts

With the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act signed into law by President Obama Dec. 26, small businesses will get help securing contracts through two new provisions. The NDAA, which included 80 amendments, clears the Pentagon to spend $527 billion in base funding and $80 billion for overseas contingency operations.

Thousands of reverse auctions had just one bid or bidder

Four agencies paid millions of dollars in fees in fiscal 2012 to hold reverse auctions that saw just a single bid or included only one bidder. The Government Accountability Office reviewed the experiences of the departments of Homeland Security, the Interior, Veterans Affairs and the Army, which held a total of 19,688 reverse auctions in fiscal 2012.

Most generals not ready for management side of position, report says

Though the military promotes its best officers to the rank of general and admiral, those officers might not be prepared for a job that focuses on a business management position, an Oct. 28 Center for a New American Security report says. "Most officers selected for their first star are operational standouts, heavily steeped in tactics and fighting," the report says. But those officers often lack exposure to the different demands surrounding the corporate management of the military.