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Latest Headlines

Army signs on to use GSA's OASIS contracting vehicle for professional services

The Army has signed on to use the General Service Administration's governmentwide blanket contract for professional services, called OASIS, says a March 16 GSA statement.

GAO: Army, Navy Dept. fail to track service separation due to non-disability mental conditions

The Army, Navy and Marines don't know how many military members have been separated from service due to mental illness that aren't considered service-related, says a Feb. 13 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: Services don't know if they're meeting mental health staffing needs

The military services don't know if their mental health staffing levels meet the needs of military members because their departmentwide fiscal 2016 assessment is missing critical data, says a Jan. 30 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: DoD doesn't know if it's staffing secretary offices at the right levels

The Defense Department doesn't know if it employs the appropriate number of workers at headquarters because it doesn't determine personnel requirements as part of a systematic process and procedures aren't in place to make sure the department assesses its personnel needs periodically, says a Jan. 21 Government Accountability report.

Two DoD employees milk Army for recruitment bonuses through bogus website

Two Defense Department employees perpetrated a scheme to collect recruiting bonuses through a fake Army website, and though the DoD found out about it, both continue to work for the department, says a Jan. 20 statement by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). McCaskill says a retired Army sergeant and his wife, who both work for the DoD, set up a website called OfficialArmy.com that looked like an actual Army website.

Army banking on multiple, varied sensors to provide soldiers with greater situational awareness

For example, medical researchers are experimenting with soldiers wearing physiological sensors that can provide information about dehydration, elevated blood pressure and cognitive impairment from being sleep deprived.

Heavier test model spurs Army to shed weight requirement in radio solicitation

The Army wants to buy as many as 60,000 tactical manpack radios, but the service altered course after low-rate production orders resulted in 17-pound test radios – twice as heavy as those currently in use. A new request for information specifies they must now weigh closer to eight pounds, but not more than 12.

Army delayed reporting $420M worth of missing equipment in Afghanistan, DoD IG finds

The Army delayed reporting that thousands of pieces of equipment in Afghanistan-- worth nearly $420 million-- went missing, making recovery efforts more difficult, a recently released internal audit said.

New Android-based mobile app lets Army soldiers SWET water needs

The Army will be fielding a smartphone app to help soldiers better determine their drinking water needs so they can carry just enough to stay hydrated.

Army discriminated against transgender employee, OSC determines

A transgender Army civilian employee faced discrimination from higher ups when they wouldn't recognize her transition from male to female, an Oct. 23 Office of Special Counsel statement says.