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Latest Headlines

'Credible threats' the best form of defense in cyberspace, expert tells Congress

"We need to make credible threats. We need to have countries believe that we will respond with some punitive action," James Andrew Lewis, director of the strategic technologies program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told lawmakers.

US, China reach cybersecurity agreement, commit to regular dialogue

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping jointly announced today a broad agreement on cybersecurity terms between their nations, including unexpected considerations focused on protecting intellectual property.

Obama directs 1% pay bump for federal workers, 1.3% increase for military members

Federal civilian employees and military members will see a modest pay raise in the new year, according to an Aug. 28 letter from President Obama to Congress.

UN-supported cyber norms dictate peace-, wartime-behavior

A U.N. group has agreed to a set of "cyberspace rules of the road," dictating international cyber relations.

New federal partnership seeks to improve global community resilience to climate change impacts

The Climate Services for Resilient Development public-private partnership was launched with more than $34 million in financial and in-kind contributions from the federal government and seven other institutions and governments.

Obama directs agencies to encourage antibiotic-free meat in federal cafeterias

President Obama wants to make sure federal workers don't become resistant to antibiotics and he's starting in the cafeterias. Obama directed agencies to encourage use antibiotic-free meat and poultry in their cafeterias in a June 2 memo. He stopped short of mandating the practice, though.

Republican leaders call for Obama to nominate DOI inspector general

Republican congressional leaders sent a letter to President Obama urging him to permanently fill the top spot at the Interior Department's inspector general office after a six year vacancy.

Obama signs order to allow sanctions on individuals who threaten national cybersecurity

President Obama last week signed an executive order that makes it possible to impose sanctions on individuals who threaten national cybersecurity.

Report: Obama won't sign budget that keeps sequestration cuts

President Obama will not sign any spending bills that continue mandatory funding cuts to agency budgets through sequestration, according to a March 21 Huffington Post article. 

Executive order meant to apply internationally, says Schwartz

The executive order issued by the White House Feb. 13 will enable private sector companies to better share cybersecurity threat information, whether they're domestic or international entities.