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Latest Headlines

Lack of funding hampering innovation, study says

Budget constraints are hindering federal agencies from implementing innovative technologies and strategies that drive down costs and increase efficiency, according to research conducted by the Association of Government Accountants and Accenture Federal Services.

Government eliminates $47b in bad payments

The government has avoided $47 billion in improper payments over the past three years, dropping its error rate in payments to contractors and to those using government programs to 4.3 percent from a high of 5.4 percent in fiscal 2009, says the White House.When including the Defense Department's commercial payments, the total savings would reach $70 billion and the government-wide error rate would be just 3.7 percent.

Federal CFOs collecting, not acting on performance data

A new survey suggests federal chief financial officers are doing a good job of capturing performance information, as required by the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act of 2010, but aren't integrating it with financial information to produce actionable information for decision makers.

Effort to cut websites misses goal, finds CRS

Federal website reform missed its 1-year deadline, coming up 579 domains short.

GAO shares questions to guide consolidation efforts

Past Government Accountability Office reports recommended various agencies find savings through consolidation, but consolidation "involves weighing costs as well as benefits and can be complex and challenging to implement," says a new GAO report.

OFPP requires agencies to make business cases for interagency contract vehicles

Federal agencies are not maximizing the use of interagency vehicles and agency-specific contracts. As a result, contracts are more expensive and administrative costs increase, according to a Sept. 29

DOL: IT programs will help slash improper payments

With an 11.2 percent improper payment rate, the Labor Department distributes $17.5 billion in unemployment insurance incorrectly each year. With support--and likely pressure--from the Office of

Short OMB deadlines forced agencies to rush data center consolidation plans, GAO says

Federal agencies rushed to meet Office of Management and Budget data center consolidation reporting and plan deadlines, the Government Accountability Office says, setting up the initiative for the

Federal government to shut down 373 data centers by end of 2012

The federal government will shut down 178 data centers in 2012, adding to the 195 that will be closed by the end of this year, the White House announced July 20. In a WhiteHouse.gov blog post,

Audio: White House announces 81 data center closures

The federal government will close down 195 data centers by Dec. 31, the White House announced July 20 during a press call and press release. On the call were Stephanie Cutter, assistant to the