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Latest Headlines

OPM: Agencies can grant excused absences to feds exposed to Ebola

Agencies should give excused absences to federal employees who are exposed to Ebola in the course of their work, but don't show symptoms of the disease, a Nov. 25 Office of Personnel Management memo says.

Interaction with 'Ebola czar' varies, but largely beneficial, says government panel

Despite the varying level of interaction between federal homeland security and health officials with the the White House-appointed "Ebola czar," Ron Klain has improved coordination on the issue, said most testifying at a Senate hearing in which Klain was absent.

Secret Service taking steps to improve training, communication amid missteps, acting director says

The new acting director of the Secret Service recently told congressional lawmakers that he's addressing communications failures and gaps in training that allowed a White House fence jumper in September to get as far as the East Room of the mansion.

DHS secretary says enhanced measures taken to identify, stop spread of Ebola in US

The Homeland Security Department has enhanced screening procedures at ports of entry and invoked its authority to prevent people who may be infected with the Ebola virus from flying into the United States, the department's secretary testified at a recent Senate hearing.

CDC issues new guidance for healthcare workers treating Ebola patients

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new detailed guidelines to help health care workers better protect themselves when treating patients with Ebola.

Americans worried about Ebola, but confident in health officials, new survey finds

While two-thirds of Americans worry there will be more U.S. Ebola cases over the next 12 months – and nearly half fear a family member will come down with the virus – most think only a handful will emerge, adding they're confident that health officials will contain the disease, a new survey finds.

Texas hospital, nurses union trade barbs over Ebola protocols, CDC director to testify on Hill

The Texas hospital where the first U.S. patient with Ebola, Thomas Eric Duncan, died last week and two of his nurses have since contracted the disease is pushing back against allegations from a nurses' union that the facility did not follow proper protocols in Duncan's treatment.

CDC investigating 'breach in protocol' resulting in Dallas hospital worker infected with Ebola

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Oct. 12 that there was a "breach in protocol" that resulted in a Dallas hospital healthcare worker contracting Ebola from the man who died last week of the disease.

WHO official says Ebola cases in Europe 'unavoidable, US Ebola patient dies

Her statement comes a day after Spanish authorities told WHO that a nursing assistant in Spain was diagnosed with the disease. She had been treating an infected individual who died of the disease after being transported back to Spain from Sierra Leone. Authorities are now seeking people who have come in contact with the nursing assistant and have quarantined four people at the hospital where she worked.

CDC chief: Agency 'confident' that Ebola transmission can be stopped in US

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said people who've come in contact with the man who became the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States are doing very well.