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Latest Headlines

Americans worried about Ebola, but confident in health officials, new survey finds

While two-thirds of Americans worry there will be more U.S. Ebola cases over the next 12 months – and nearly half fear a family member will come down with the virus – most think only a handful will emerge, adding they're confident that health officials will contain the disease, a new survey finds.

Texas hospital, nurses union trade barbs over Ebola protocols, CDC director to testify on Hill

The Texas hospital where the first U.S. patient with Ebola, Thomas Eric Duncan, died last week and two of his nurses have since contracted the disease is pushing back against allegations from a nurses' union that the facility did not follow proper protocols in Duncan's treatment.

CDC investigating 'breach in protocol' resulting in Dallas hospital worker infected with Ebola

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Oct. 12 that there was a "breach in protocol" that resulted in a Dallas hospital healthcare worker contracting Ebola from the man who died last week of the disease.

WHO official says Ebola cases in Europe 'unavoidable, US Ebola patient dies

Her statement comes a day after Spanish authorities told WHO that a nursing assistant in Spain was diagnosed with the disease. She had been treating an infected individual who died of the disease after being transported back to Spain from Sierra Leone. Authorities are now seeking people who have come in contact with the nursing assistant and have quarantined four people at the hospital where she worked.

CDC chief: Agency 'confident' that Ebola transmission can be stopped in US

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said people who've come in contact with the man who became the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States are doing very well.  

First US case of Ebola confirmed, CDC says it will contain any spread

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States, after an individual traveling from Liberia developed symptoms of the disease about four days after arriving in Dallas on Sept. 20. The agency cautioned that while it's possible that other cases might emerge, it was confident the spread will be kept in check.

UN boosts effort to combat Ebola in West Africa, says $1B needed over next 6 months

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the United Nations is launching a new emergency health mission to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as well as a "20-fold increase" in international assistance.

Federal labs to review safety in wake of anthrax, flu mishandling

By the end of next week, federal agency laboratories will have to have begun reviews of their safety practices in the wake of widely publicized lapses at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and elsewhere.

CDC head calls for stepped up efforts to contain Ebola epidemic in West Africa

The head of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control said nations need to step up efforts to control the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, after recently visiting several countries there dealing with the outbreak.

DARPA launches $150K challenge for new predictive model to track mosquito-spread virus

With mosquito season in full swing, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is closely watching one disease the insects carry and spread to humans- and is seeking help to track it.