Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

NGA releases open source code on GitHub

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency did a first for a U.S. intelligence agency by opening an account on open source site GitHub earlier this month. The NGA  uploaded  two related projects to the online repository and version tracking system in early April –  one  for geographic tasking system web app developed with the Django web framework, and the  other  a set of installer software for running the web app on a virtualized platform.

Air Force swaps out BlackBerrys for iOS devices

The Air Force began the rollout of 5,000 iPhones and iPads to modernize its commercial devices earlier this month.

DoD Enterprise Email gets nearly 10,000 new users

The Air Force headquarters has transitioned its unclassified email accounts to the Defense Department's cloud-based email system, DoD Enterprise Email.

Joint Information Environment to be scrutinized by OT&E

The Joint Information Environment, an effort to upgrade and standardize Defense Department information technology infrastructure and services, still isn't a program of record but it does come under the oversight of the director of operational test and evaluation.

DoD's MDM, app store to support 100,000 users by September

The Defense Department will begin rolling out its mobile device management system and mobile application store for unclassified users Jan. 31, with plans to support up to 100,000 users by the end of fiscal 2014, says the Defense Information Systems Agency.

DISA mission assurance office adopts OWF as default presentation layer

The program executive office within the Defense Information Systems Agency responsible for network security and operations adopted late last year the Ozone Widget Framework as its default presentation layer for situational awareness, said its deputy chief technology officer. The OWF is a National Security Agency-developed framework for development of lightweight widgets to run in a browser.

DoD app store, MDM running by year end

The Defense Department will begin using its mobile device management system and mobile application store by the end of the year, said DoD Public Affairs Officer Lt Col Damien Pickart. Digital Management, Inc., the Bethesda, Md.-based contractor that won the contract June 27, will provide the department with initial operating capability no later than  Dec. 31.

Agencies move forward with data-center efficiency efforts

Efforts throughout government to cut the cost of federal data centers continue to grind along, with the General Services Administration and the Defense Information Systems Agency recently announcing separate progress. The Homeland Security Department also published a Sept. 30  request for information  that said the department plans to transition from a data center model where it pays for data centers by the square foot to an "as-a-service" model where it pays for use.

DoD Enterprise Email adds 12,000 users

Twelve thousands additional Defense Department personnel have joined the Defense Information Systems Agency's cloud-based email service. Ten thousand of them are in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, with the remaining 2,000 users coming from Southern Command, an Oct. 23 press release says.

Army finishes migration to DoD enterprise email

The Army  announced  that it has completed its large-scale migration of more than 1.4 million unclassified users and 115,000 classified users to the Defense Information Systems Agency-managed enterprise email, one of the service's highest priority IT programs.