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Latest Headlines

DOE didn't let political appointees influence FOIA requests, IG says

The Energy Department didn't let political appointees interfere with how Freedom of Information Act requests were processed in fiscal 2014, says a recently released DOE inspector general report.

Sandia Corp. settles allegations of illegal lobbying claims for nearly $5M

Between 2008 and 2012, Sandia Corp. used federal funds to lobby Congress and other federal officials to receive a non-competitive extension of its contract, which is a violation of the Byrd Amendment, according to DOJ allegations.

IG: Los Alamos hasn't properly implemented nuclear safety measures

The Energy Department's Los Alamos National Lab hasn't properly implemented several critical nuclear safety measures, according to a July 16 DOE inspector general report.

DOE could better manage program to commercialize government research, IG says

The Energy Department could do a better job of managing its program that helps commercialize government research through the private sector, says a June 22 DOE inspector general report.

DOE could lose millions of dollars on defaulted loans and loan guarantees, finds GAO

Five renewable and innovative energy programs have defaulted on Energy Department loans, leaving the government vulnerable to millions of dollars in losses, says an April 27 Government Accountability Office report.

OSC obtains settlement for whistleblowers at federally-run Bonneville Power Administration

The Office of Special Counsel obtained settlements for several whistleblowers who were disciplined for calling out the Energy Department's Bonneville Power Administration for manipulating the hiring process, says an April 2 OSC statement.

Budget constraints keep DOE from disposing of degrading nuclear facilities, GAO says

The Energy Department's office responsible for disposing of degrading nuclear facilities are not able to clean up those sites because of budget constraints, says a March 19 Government Accountability Office report. 

GAO: OMB conference spending policies caused decline in DOE and DoD conference attendance

New conference rules, adopted in response to spending scandals over the last few years, caused a decline in attendance at federal science and technology conferences, says a March 4 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: DOE's ability to manage contaminated sites hindered by lack of data

The Energy Department's ability to manage contaminated facilities that need to be disposed of is hindered by limited data on those facilities, says a Feb. 25 Government Accountability Office report.

Agencies need to strengthen protections of military technology

The agencies responsible for protecting military technology have taken steps to strengthen oversight, but there are weaknesses that still need to be addressed, says a Feb. 10 Government Accountability Office report.