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Latest Headlines

Budget constraints keep DOE from disposing of degrading nuclear facilities, GAO says

The Energy Department's office responsible for disposing of degrading nuclear facilities are not able to clean up those sites because of budget constraints, says a March 19 Government Accountability Office report. 

GAO: OMB conference spending policies caused decline in DOE and DoD conference attendance

New conference rules, adopted in response to spending scandals over the last few years, caused a decline in attendance at federal science and technology conferences, says a March 4 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: DOE's ability to manage contaminated sites hindered by lack of data

The Energy Department's ability to manage contaminated facilities that need to be disposed of is hindered by limited data on those facilities, says a Feb. 25 Government Accountability Office report.

Agencies need to strengthen protections of military technology

The agencies responsible for protecting military technology have taken steps to strengthen oversight, but there are weaknesses that still need to be addressed, says a Feb. 10 Government Accountability Office report.

DOE IG: FERC isn't protecting sensitive information about the nation's electric grid

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission isn't protecting non-public information the way it should and that means some classified information may have been shared with industry officials, says a recently released Energy Department inspector general report.

Federal government energy consumption hits 40-year low, says agency report

The federal government's energy consumption is at its lowest since at least 1975, says a Feb. 4 Energy Information Administration statement.

IG: Consolidation of security at Oak Ridge wouldn't save the DOE any money

The Energy Department's approval of security consolidation at the Oak Ridge Reservation was based on incomplete information and wouldn't actually save the government any money, says a recently released Dec. 16 DOE inspector general report. DOE's Oak Ridge Reservation is home to several sites including the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the East Tennessee Technology Park.

Energy, NNSA need to better calculate cost estimates for programs, GAO says

The Energy Department needs to rethink how it calculates the costs of its programs, otherwise it risks dealing with cost overruns, a Nov. 25 Government Accountability Office report says.

GAO: 2 agencies awarding SBA contracts to businesses owned by venture capital firms

Two of the agencies participating in a Small Business Administration innovation program opted to open the program to small businesses that are majority-owned by venture capital firms, says a Nov. 20 Government Accountability Office report. The Health and Human Services Department and the Energy Department opted to open part of their Small Business Innovation Research programs to small businesses that are majority-owned by multiple venture capital or similar firms, allowing such companies to apply for and receive SBIR awards, the report says.

GAO: 2013 shutdown affected contract and grants programs at some agencies

The 2013 government shutdown impacted operations at three agencies the Government Accountability Office reviewed including closures of clinical trials at the National Institutes of Health, a recently released Oct. 15 GAO report says. GAO reviewed programs at the Health and Human Services Department, Energy Department and Transportation Department and found the October 2013 lapse in appropriations significantly hindered some programs at those agencies.