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Latest Headlines

BOP taking steps to curb prison overcrowding, GAO says

The Justice Department's Bureau of Prisons is taking serious strides to curb its overcrowding problem using three key initiatives, says a June 19 Government Accountability Office report.

NARA wants input on FOIA modernization

Agencies have come under fire for not being proactive about handing over documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act. So as part of FOIA modernization efforts, the National Archives and Records Administration is reaching out to the public to find out what they see as faults in the process.

DOJ IG will make the summaries of senior executive misconduct public

The Justice Department inspector general has set out a new policy to make the summaries of misconduct by senior executives in the agency public. In a letter to Congress, the DOJ IG says it is now posting investigative summaries of cases involving the misconduct of members of the Senior Executive Service and employees at the GS-15 grade level or above as well as Assistant U.S. Attorneys.

Military members receive $60M settlement for being charged excessive student loan rates

More than 75,000 servicemembers will begin receiving a total of $60 million in compensation for being charged excessive interest on their student loans, says a May 28 Justice Department statement.

DOJ issues drone guidance for agencies that enhances transparency, accountability

The department uses drones to help in search and rescue efforts, drug interdictions and fugitive investigations, among other applications, since they are more cost-effective and safer than using manned aircraft.

Deluge of new FOIA requests increases governmentwide backlog

Officials at several agencies told a Senate panel that Freedom of Information Act requests have become unmanageable because of a dramatic increase in the number of requests over the last few years.

CRS: DoD should rethink policies on transgender people

After the Justice Department announced transgender federal employees would be added to the list of people that can't be discriminated against under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Defense Department should take a serious look at making the same change for military members, says an April 28 Congressional Research Service report obtained by the Federation of American Scientists.

Governmentwide FOIA request backlog jumped by 70% in 2014, DOJ says

The number of Freedom of Information Act requests that weren't fulfilled by federal agencies spiked by 70 percent in fiscal 2014 compared to the previous year. That's more than double the increase the government saw between fiscal 2012 and fiscal 2013, says the Justice Department's annual FOIA report.

OSC rules BOP discriminated against two whistleblowers

Two Federal Bureau of Prisons employees were redeemed Tuesday when the Office of Special Council ruled that they were discriminated against at work as whistleblowers. Chicago-based field administrator Linda Thomas and Minnesota-based employee Julia Landucci were both, in separate cases, banished to inadequate work spaces after they lodged complaints against their superiors, says a March 31 OSC statement.

Former FBI agent sentenced to 10 years in prison for DoD contractor kickback scheme

A former FBI special agent was sentenced to a decade in prison for accepting bribes to obstruct a grand jury in an alleged Defense Department contractor kickback scheme, says a March 30 Justice Department statement. Former Special Agent Robert Lustyik, a 24-year veteran of the FBI, pleaded guilty to all charges in an 11-count indictment on Sept. 29, 2014.