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Latest Headlines

IG: EPA losing millions by not utilizing strategic sourcing

The Environmental Protection Agency has been slow to take up strategic sourcing as a contracting strategy even though it could save the agency tens of millions of dollars, an Aug. 26 EPA inspector general report says. The Office of Management and Budget issued memo expressing the need for agencies to leverage strategic sourcing to the maximum extent possible.

GAO: EPA not providing clear information about costs, benefits of regulatory decisions

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't always provide clear information about its cost-benefit analyses underlying its regulatory decisions, the investigative arm of Congress said in a recent report.

Government moves forward with sustainable electronics use policies, report finds

The U.S. government has made progress in developing policies for sustainably using and recycling electronic equipment in federal agencies, according to a new interagency report.

IG: EPA's Water Office did not have proper oversight of cloud computing activities

The report noted that the agency did not know when its offices were using cloud computing capabilities nor could the EPA provide evidence that it could access contractor's cloud networks for auditing and investigative purposes.

IG: Long-delayed repairs to US radiation detection system addressed, readiness enhanced

Improvements to a national radiation monitoring system hampered by long-delayed repairs and maintenance has improved the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to assess such threats to the public and environment, a July 22 internal audit has found.

Obama opposes House appropriations bill that would gut clean water protections

President Obama came out strongly against the House's fiscal 2015 Energy Department and Army Corps of Engineers appropriations bill, saying some amendments boost the coal industry while others gut clean water protections.

EPA wants more power to fire poorly performing employees

The Environmental Protection Agency wants more latitude to fire poorly performing employees, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told a House panel June 25. "Any way we can make these processes move more quickly, I'm all for it," McCarthy said at a House Oversight and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing. "But there is an administrative process we must follow."

Obama administration satisfied with cybersecurity regulations

The Obama administration doesn't need to develop new cybersecurity regulations, a review by the administration has concluded. Voluntary implementation of the cybersecurity framework that the National Institute of Standards and Technology released in February will suffice for now.

13 months after deadly Texas fertilizer explosion, safety coordination still in the works

Nine months after President Obama directed agencies to collaborate on the safety risks associated with ammonium nitrate, the agencies involved are trying to figure out how to share information, says a Government Accountability Office report.

Official: EPA Office of Homeland Security 'a rogue law enforcement organization'

Patrick Sullivan, assistant IG for investigations at the EPA, said the Office of Homeland Security "is essentially operating as a rogue law enforcement organization" and impedes OIG investigations.  A colleague of Sullivan's also accused an Office of Homeland Security official of assaulting her.