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Latest Headlines

Action on global warming now could have significant benefits for US, new EPA report says

Countering global warming through greenhouse gas reduction could have significant economic, health and environmental benefits, including saving thousands of lives and avoiding billions of dollars on infrastructure maintenance and damage costs.

EPA receives clean audit following time and attendance fraud

The Environmental Protection Agency has received a clean audit for its monitoring of employees on extended leave after it was discovered in 2013 that an employee had spent more than two years collecting pay without going to work, says a June 15 EPA inspector general report.

EPA rules for processing congressional requests for science information don't conform with law

Environmental Protection Agency procedures don't comply with a law that governs how Congress requests scientific advice from the agency, says a June 4 Government Accountability Office report.

IG: EPA not disciplining employees for misconduct

The Environmental Protection Agency isn't doing enough to discipline employees for misconduct and are creating a culture of complacency, the EPA's inspector general found in it's semiannual report to Congress. The report rattles off myriad instances where the EPA didn't take action against employees engaging in wrongdoing.

Fed document aims to help US communities at risk from rail transport of crude oil

The Public Intelligence blog, which posted the document on its website May 4, obtained it from the official site of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), who has long campaigned for better national standards for the rail transport of crude oil.

Former 18F director urges federal government to provide citizens with better digital experience

Greg Godbout says that feds should provide a digital experience similar to how Disney has transformed how people interact with its Orlando, Fla., theme parks.

Feds plan to improve resilience of four regions around US to impacts from climate change

The Interior Department, Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the goal is to ensure that long-term conservation efforts in the selected areas in southwest Florida, Hawaii, Washington state and the Great Lakes region take climate change into account.

EPA solicits mobile smart tools to help field inspectors move from paper system to digital

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to employ mobile smart tools to help its field officers in collecting data, says a March 30 EPA solicitation. The EPA's post says it's looking for a contractor to develop a mobile field inspection device to replace the current system which is paper-based.

EPA paid eight employees more than $1M to not work, internal investigation finds

The Environmental Protection Agency has paid more than $1 million to eight employees on administrative leave, including two workers who have been collecting salaries and benefits for four years, the inspector general says in a Nov. 19 early warning report.

EPA fleet management lacks oversight, says IG

The Environmental Protection Agency's $6 million per year fleet management program needs stronger oversight, finds an Oct. 6 report (pdf) from the EPA office of inspector general.