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Latest Headlines

Agency writing gets clearer, report card shows

More agencies are making the grade when it comes to providing the public with easily understandable information, the 2015 Federal Plain Language Report Card finds.

Auditors find tool used to ensure agencywide IT security compliance is noncompliant

The tool used by the Environmental Protection Agency to record and manage information on its offices' compliance with federal information technology security requirements, such as the Federal Information Security Management Act, is itself noncompliant.

EPA not properly tracking its IT investments, finds IG

The Environmental Protection Agency is not properly recording its information technology investments, which totaled more than $334 million in fiscal 2014, finds an internal audit.

EPA doesn't know how much overtime its employees are working, IG says

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't know how much overtime its employees are using because the proper forms aren't being used to document it, says a Sept. 22 EPA inspector general report.

Government on track to save $22B from canceling outdated regulations, Shelanski says

The federal government will save billions of dollars over the next five years by canceling burdensome and obsolete regulations, says an Aug. 14 Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs "lookback report" by administrator Howard Shelanski.

EPA not properly auditing state funding for infrastructure

Environmental Protection Agency regional offices aren't using the right financial indicators to oversee the performance of state-based infrastructure funding, says an Aug. 5 Government Accountability Office report.

Action on global warming now could have significant benefits for US, new EPA report says

Countering global warming through greenhouse gas reduction could have significant economic, health and environmental benefits, including saving thousands of lives and avoiding billions of dollars on infrastructure maintenance and damage costs.

EPA receives clean audit following time and attendance fraud

The Environmental Protection Agency has received a clean audit for its monitoring of employees on extended leave after it was discovered in 2013 that an employee had spent more than two years collecting pay without going to work, says a June 15 EPA inspector general report.

EPA rules for processing congressional requests for science information don't conform with law

Environmental Protection Agency procedures don't comply with a law that governs how Congress requests scientific advice from the agency, says a June 4 Government Accountability Office report.

IG: EPA not disciplining employees for misconduct

The Environmental Protection Agency isn't doing enough to discipline employees for misconduct and are creating a culture of complacency, the EPA's inspector general found in it's semiannual report to Congress. The report rattles off myriad instances where the EPA didn't take action against employees engaging in wrongdoing.