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Latest Headlines

Cybersecurity training at EPA too specific or too general

The Environmental Protection Agency's primary tool for information security training is too technical for executives but too general for technical personnel, say auditors.

EPA rule would clarify waterways under Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule March 25 that would bring the majority of streams and wetlands into its jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.

House passes FOIA bill to utilize central portal for requests

The House passed Wednesday a bill that would make it easier to file Freedom of Information Act requests through a centralized portal.

EPA Supreme Court case could challenge executive authority

The Supreme Court heard arguments Monday on whether the Environmental Protection Agency can unilaterally modify pollution thresholds that require permits and base them on the type of pollutant – a case that could challenge President Obama's executive authority at a time when he's called for more action through executive powers. Clean Air Act requires permits for all sources that can annually emit 100 to 250 tons of pollutants.

White House sets deadline for new truck fuel standards

Federal agencies must complete the next round of fuel-efficiency and carbon-emissions standards for large and medium-sized trucks by March 2016, the White House said in a Feb. 18 fact sheet.

Agencies lean on mobile, social to collect info

Under a planned sole-source award, the FBI will buy 12 kits from Cellebrite USA, Inc., to obtain call histories, text messages, pictures, videos, passwords, location data and more – including deleted data – from Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.

Supreme Court hears oral argument on EPA's downwind-pollution rule

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today over a thwarted effort by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce pollution that travels downwind from one state to another. Lyle Denniston of  SCOTUSblog  said much of the outcome will hinge on imprecise language in the Clear Air Act. "The crucial phrase that needs to be interpreted is the mandate that states may not 'significantly contribute' to their neighbors' inability to meet air quality standards," he writes.

McCarthy: EPA is victim of its own success

Environmental issues such as climate change are not as visible as those that faced the country in the past, which has made public support for the Environmental Protection Agency more elusive, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Dec. 2. "Most people don't see the environmental challenges the way they used to, because we've been very good at the work we've done," she said.

EPA looks to clarify standards on environmentally friendly products

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to clear up standards about sustainability claims for products the government is purchasing and it is looking to private sector standards to do that. The EPA released draft guidelines, Wednesday, to establish standards that would help agencies implement sustainable acquisition requirements of a 2009 Executive Order.

EPA experiments with Thunderclap

Late last month the Environmental Protection Agency experimented with a new social media tool designed to amplify a single message across social networks called Thunderclap. The tool is open to all agencies for use based on federal-friendly  terms of service  recently negotiated by the General Services Administration.