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Latest Headlines

FAA should further regulate the commercial spaceflight industry, says GAO

The Federal Aviation Administration shoudl issue regulations that ensure the safety of crews on commercial space flights, but needs more time to consult with industry, according to a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

Before you fly your drones, new FAA app can help inform you of restrictions

Model aircraft hobbyists and other drone users can tap into a new government smartphone application that will give them information on whether it's safe and legal to fly their vehicles at a particular location.

Federal Aviation Administration awards 10-year, $109M deal to CSC for cloud services

The government solutions company is leading the integration effort that will help the agency take advantage of cloud computing services.

GAO reviews FAA progress to safely integrate drones into national airspace

Federal aviation regulators by September expect to develop a foundation for a detailed plan to integrate drones into U.S. airspace, and then enact it in December, congressional investigators said in a new report.

FAA: Software upgrade to highly advanced ERAM system is culprit for weekend flight mess

The upgrade to the En Route Automation Modernization system in the Leesburg, Va., facility triggered 492 delays and 476 cancelations. The system was returned to an earlier version of the software that apparently has fixed the problem.

Missteps by fed agencies led to gyrocopter flight breach in April, Senate commitee report finds

The Secret Service, Capitol Police and other federal agencies made several mistakes that allowed Florida resident Douglas Hughes to breach restricted airspace with a gyrocopter in April and land on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, according to a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee investigation.

FAA warns drone operators not to interfere with efforts to fight wildfires else face penalties

This summer, firefighters in California were about to drop fire retardant from low-flying aircraft on a fire burning thousands of acres of wildlands in the San Bernardino Mountains when they saw a small drone flying between two of the planes. Because of this, officials had to ground their aircrafts.

New report: Privacy, property rights among top regulatory issues as drones multiply in air

As unmanned aerial vehicle usage becomes more prevalent within society, governments, the commercial sector and the public will have to take a hard look at a host of changing and evolving implications it has on privacy, property rights and other issues, a New America report says.

FAA, European Union expand research agreement to improve air traffic management

The extension of the memorandum of cooperation that was first signed in March 2011 would expand collaboration on implementing Next Generation Air Transportation System activities and the Single European Sky ATM Research.

International efforts underway to improve aircraft tracking, flight data recovery

While the Government Accountability Office report did not make any recommendations to relevant U.S. agencies, it pointed out concerns among stakeholders about prescriptive standards versus a performance-based approach.