Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

FAA, European Union expand research agreement to improve air traffic management

The extension of the memorandum of cooperation that was first signed in March 2011 would expand collaboration on implementing Next Generation Air Transportation System activities and the Single European Sky ATM Research.

International efforts underway to improve aircraft tracking, flight data recovery

While the Government Accountability Office report did not make any recommendations to relevant U.S. agencies, it pointed out concerns among stakeholders about prescriptive standards versus a performance-based approach.

FAA: PrecisionHawk, BNSF to test drones that go beyond pilot's line of sight

Additionaly, the cable news organization CNN will look at how drones can be used for newsgathering in urban areas within visual line-of-sight operations.

FAA announces completion of highly advanced computer system that is cornerstone of NextGen

Federal aviation regulators said a new highly advanced computer system that will enable air traffic controllers to more safely and effectively manage high-altitude flights was recently completed.

ACLU fears 'mass suspicionless surveillance' via law enforcement drone use

The ACLU has called for rules that limit law enforcement agencies' use of drones when collecting evidence of wrongdoing, for emergencies or other uses where there's no reason to think it would invade privacy.

Air traffic controller union calls for change to FAA funding

"The status quo of unstable, unpredictable funding for the National Airspace System has led to serious problems at the FAA," said National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Paul Rinaldi.

FAA should develop holistic threat model as it transitions to NextGen system, GAO says

As the Federal Aviation Administration shifts to a more advanced and networked Internet-technology based air-traffic control system, it needs to develop a comprehensive threat model to better protect computer networks against cyber threats.

GAO: FAA not doing enough to protect control systems from cyber attacks

The Federal Aviation Administration hasn't done enough to protect its air traffic control system from cyber attacks, says a recently released Government Accountability Office report. "Significant security control weaknesses remain, threatening the agency's ability to ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of the national airspace system," the GAO says in the report.

The president's 2016 budget request: Federal Aviation Administration and NextGen

The Federal Aviation Administration has requested $15.83 billion under the president's fiscal 2016 budget proposal – including almost $1 billion for Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen.

US not as friendly to civilian drone R&D as other countries, witnesses tell House lawmakers

If federal regulators don't revamp rules designed to accelerate drone research and development for civilian use, U.S. companies will likely shift testing and operations – and jobs – abroad, several witnesses told a House subcommittee last week.