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Latest Headlines

FAA: ADS-B ground infrastructure complete

The nationwide ground infrastructure necessary for air traffic controllers to see airplanes according to their GPS-transmitted location is now complete, says the Federal Aviation Administration.

OIG: FAA missing the big picture on airline safety

Despite having extensive data on airplane safety violations, the Federal Aviation Administration doesn't seek to understand their root causes or identify safety trends, a report from the Transportation Department office of inspector general says.

OSHA could use training on transportation whistleblowers

Whistle-blower claims investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration want more training to understand the industries they oversee in the transportation sector, a report from the Government Accountability Office says.

2015 Budget Request: FAA NextGen

NextGen funding at the Federal Aviation Administration would drop from $901 million to $836 million under the Transportation Department's budget proposal for fiscal 2015.

Auditors find problems with FAA NextGen enterprise architecture

Auditors say the Federal Aviation Administration's enterprise architecture is limited as a strategic planning tool guiding air traffic control modernization efforts known as NextGen.

FAA sees reduction in fuel and emissions, installed almost 600 ADS-B stations through NextGen improvements

NextGen improvements so far resulted in reductions in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission and are expected to reduce delays by about 41 percent by 2020, Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Michael Huerta told a House panel.

ADS-B In mandate 'not likely' by 2020, say auditors

Transportation Department auditors are now saying the Federal Aviation Administration will "not likely be ready" to mandate by 2020 use of avionics allowing airplane pilots to see in real-time their position and the location of other airplanes. That assessment comes in a Jan. 28  audit  (.pdf) that's slightly more pessimistic than a September 2013  preliminary version  in which auditors said the FAA "may not be ready."

CBP drones grounded after Pacific crash

The remaining fleet of nine Customs and Border Protection drones has been grounded after one crashed into the Pacific Ocean Monday night.

FAA looks to establish drone research center

Now that it has approved test sites for unmanned aerial systems, the Federal Aviation Administration is turning its attention to establishing a new center of excellence for drone research. The agency will first need to develop a research agenda for the center, but it plans to begin the selection process later this year, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said during a Jan. 15 hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

Air traffic controller training contract proves arduous

A top official at the Federal Aviation Administration described an agency struggling to effectively design its major air traffic controller training contract during a Senate hearing Jan. 14.