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Latest Headlines

FAA gives nod for six movie companies to commercially operate drones

The Federal Aviation Administration is permitting six movie companies to use drones, marking a signficant step in allowing more such commercial operations in U.S. airspace.

IG memo to FAA: Eliminate risks to air traffic control automation system deployment, rein in rising costs

The Transportation Department's inspector general recently said the implementation of an advanced system to help manage air traffic — which the watchdog warned in a previous report could fall short of capabilities, go over budget and over schedule — is still at risk.

FAA OKs Virginia Tech to test unmanned aircraft, releases final bid on new research center

The Federal Aviation Administration Aug. 13 approved Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's program as the last of six congressionally mandated test sites that will conduct research into the integration of drones into civilian airspace.

FAA program will protect whistleblowers, agency says

Federal Aviation Administration employees who work in the Airports Office will be able to voice their safety concerns without fear of retaliation under a new FAA reporting program. The Airport Voluntary Reporting System began last month as part of an 18 month pilot program, an Aug. 8 FAA statement says.

FAA OKs upstate NY site to test civilian use of unmanned aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration said that an upstate New York international airport has been approved to conduct research into integrating drones into the national airspace.

FAA rulings on model aircraft stifle development of new technologies, think tank claims

In a letter to the FAA's Regulations Division, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation states that the administration's Special Rule for Model Aircraft is too narrowly defined and would limit the use and development of certain technologies.

Texas search-and-rescue group can resume drone usage after court order

A Texas volunteer group that searches for lost and missing persons is resuming use of drones in such efforts after a federal court said the Federal Aviation Agency's email warning the group not to use such unmanned aircraft wasn't legally binding.

FAA considering Amazon's request to test drones outdoors for package delivery

Amazon is asking federal regulators permission to conduct outdoor testing of drones that the online retailer hopes one day will routinely deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. The company submitted a petition July 9 to exempt it from Federal Aviation Administration's rules prohibiting commercial operation of drones or unmanned aircraft systems.

DOT IG to review why NextGen's PBN procedures not used by major airlines

The Transportation Department watchdog said it will review why some major airlines and their pilots are not using performance-based navigation- which is part of the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen initiative- even though it can deliver significant benefits.

FAA issues 'do's and don'ts' for unmanned model aircraft operators

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a list of "do's and don'ts" to model aircraft operators following several "reckless" incidents of the devices near airports and around large crowds. The agency published an interpretation in the  Federal Register  June 23 of the special rules for model aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.