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Latest Headlines

GSA seeks proposals for new leasing support services contract

The General Services Administration is seeking proposals for its third iteration of the GSA Leasing Support Services contract that is meant to provide the GSA's contracting officers with support for brokering and leasing property.

New DoD acquisition rules skipped public comment period, but still followed proper procedures, say auditors

The Defense Department issued 49 new acquisition rules between fiscal 2010 and 2014 that didn't include any public comment period. The department said "urgent and compelling" circumstances forced the agency to move quickly on a rule in order to make a procurement, says an April 17 Government Accountability Office report.

House passes bill to deny federal contracts to tax delinquents, strikes down bill that would fire feds with tax debts

The House Wednesday passed a bill that would prohibit the federal government to award contracts or grants to corporations or individuals with seriously delinquent tax debt, but on the same day voted down a bill that would fire tax-delinquent federal workers. The contractor bill (H.R.1562) passed the House unanimously on April 15 on a motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill immediately.

Some DOT contracting officers not certified for high-dollar contracts

Nearly a quarter of Transportation Department contracting officers didn't comply with certification specifications when working on certain high dollar acquisitions, says an April 9 DOT inspector general report. In fiscal 2014, DOT obligated $2 billion on contracts.

DoD launches next iteration of acquisition initiative focusing on cybersecurity

The Defense Department launched its third version of the Better Buying Power initiative last week focusing on cybersecurity and technology acquisition. "Better Buying Power 3.0 really is animated by an urgent concern of ours, and that is what we see to be a steady erosion of our technological superiority that we have relied upon for so long in all of our defense strategies," said Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work at an April 9 DoD press conference.

GSA moves forward with overhaul of Multiple Award Schedules

The General Services Administration is moving forward with its plan to overhaul the Multiple Award Schedules, putting into action recommendations from the agency's 2010 Multiple Award Schedule Advisory Panel, says an April 13 blog post by GSA Senior Procurement Executive Jeffrey Koses.

GSA launches new iteration of Acquisition.gov, promises more user-friendly experience

The General Services Administration has launched its new iteration of the Acquisition.gov website that it says will be a more comprehensive, user-friendly website for contracting officers. "Web designers will tell you that it's important for a website to look like someone lives there, that it's not a smattering of links and pages that look as if no one is home," says an April 13 GSA statement.

Order banning federal contractor LGBT workplace discrimination goes into effect

An executive order banning federal contractors from workplace discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers went into effect April 8.

EPA solicits mobile smart tools to help field inspectors move from paper system to digital

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to employ mobile smart tools to help its field officers in collecting data, says a March 30 EPA solicitation. The EPA's post says it's looking for a contractor to develop a mobile field inspection device to replace the current system which is paper-based.

IG: Some contractor ethics codes discourage whistleblowing

Some State Department contractors employ ethics codes that worry the agency's inspector general because they dissuade employees from reporting fraud and abuse in the workplace. All of the 30 contractors with the largest dollar volume of State Department contracts used some variation of a confidentiality agreement or confidentiality policy, says a recently released State inspector general report.