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Latest Headlines

Former FBI agent sentenced to 10 years in prison for DoD contractor kickback scheme

A former FBI special agent was sentenced to a decade in prison for accepting bribes to obstruct a grand jury in an alleged Defense Department contractor kickback scheme, says a March 30 Justice Department statement. Former Special Agent Robert Lustyik, a 24-year veteran of the FBI, pleaded guilty to all charges in an 11-count indictment on Sept. 29, 2014.

NASA's JWST on schedule, but could experience overruns due to outdated risk analysis, says GAO

NASA is currently on schedule for time and cost with its James Webb Space Telescope, but could slip off schedule if it continues to use outdated risk analysis methods and drain its schedule reserves, says a March 24 Government Accountability Office report.

HASC unveils DoD procurement reform bill

The House Armed Services Committee released a highly anticipated bill that is meant to streamline the Defense Department's acquisition process and better train it's procurement officers. The legislation would focus on four areas of the acquisition process: workforce training, chain of command, streamlining reporting requirements and overall acquisition strategy.

Postal manager sentenced to 40 months in prison for contract bribery

A U.S. District Court judge sentenced a former Postal Service station manager to nearly four years in prison after he exchanged USPS contracts for bribe payments, says a March 24 USPS inspector general statement. 

Small business federal contracting would change under Chabot bill

The chairman of the House Small Business Committee introduced a bill that would include more categories for small businesses to get federal contracts.

OFPP: Contractors can rate transactions with agencies using new digital platform

Contractors will now be able to rate their transactions with federal agencies to help those agencies better the procurement process, says OFPP Administrator Anne Rung in a March 18 memo. OFPP will use a tool called Acquisition 360, which Rung says is the first ever transaction-based feedback tool that allows agencies to identify strengths and weaknesses in their acquisition processes, according to the memo.

Nearly 50% of the largest federal contractors received government grants or tax credits

Nearly half of the largest federal contractors in fiscal 2014 also received grants, allocated tax credits from the federal government, says a new report from the nonprofit organization Good Jobs First. Along with the half that received grants or tax credits, among the largest 100 for-profit federal contractors, 30 received loans or bailout assistance.

Army signs on to use GSA's OASIS contracting vehicle for professional services

The Army has signed on to use the General Service Administration's governmentwide blanket contract for professional services, called OASIS, says a March 16 GSA statement.

CBO: Feds spent $500B on contracts, but numbers aren't reliable

Federal agencies spent more than $500 billion on contracted products and services in 2012, but that number might not be completely reliable, says a March 11 Congressional Budget Office report. Contract spending is up from 15 years ago as a total portion of federal spending, the report says.

Court rules GSA Schedules subject to commercial items regulation

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that purchases made using the General Services Administration Schedules must still follow regulations for commercial items under the Federal Acquisition Regulation.