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Latest Headlines

PSC comes out against contractor workplace executive order

The Professional Services Council came out against a 2014 executive order that PSC President Stan Soloway says would punish law-abiding federal contractors. Under the executive order, which President Obama signed July 31, 2014, contractors have to report any labor law violations to federal agencies.

GSA acting administrator wants to continue advancing digital services and streamlined acquisition

In her first public message since she was selected as acting head of the General Services Administration, Denise Turner Roth said Monday she will work to make a better and more digitally-oriented workplace for federal employees.

DoD doesn't know if it can sustain contracting database, says GAO

The Defense Department doesn't know what resources it needs to sustain it's contracting database, says a Feb. 18 Government Accountability Office report.

Former executive claims systematic sexual harassment by government contractor

A former executive at a large government contractor is claiming that she was sexually harassed and then retaliated against when she reported the incident, according to a statement from her lawyers at Sanford, Heisler and Kimpel.

Air Force calls for debarment of FedBid

The Air Force suspended its contracts with FedBid, a Vienna, Va. reverse-auction company and is prosing the company be barred from doing business with the government in the future.

IG: Navy and Marine Corps justified IT contracts with little or no competition

The Navy and Marine Corps reasonably justified about $220 million worth of IT contracts that were solicited without full and open competition, says the Defense Department's inspector general in a report issued Jan. 23.

PSC: Agencies not taking advantage of training young acquisition workers

Agencies have been presented with the chance to make improvements to the acquisition workforce, but they have to move quickly before the new hires fall into step with the older ideas about federal procurement, a new report says.

GSA begins to roll out SmartPay payment system

The General Services Administration began rolling out its new governmentwide commercial payment system, says a Jan. 21 GSA statement. GSA will begin issuing Chip & PIN-enabled charge cards in sometime January, the statement says, and comes as a result of an Oct. 17, 2014 executive order meant to improve the security of consumer financial transactions.

GSA moves forward with plan to categorize government purchases

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is moving forward with its plan to break down products the government buys into core categories, says a Jan. 7 OFPP statement. In December, the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council, comprised of the seven largest and highest-spending agencies, approved dividing the federal marketplace into ten super categories of commonly purchased items, the statement says.

DoD says acquisition process should be tailored to individual products and services

The Defense Department updated the way it buys products by emphasizing a tailored approach to buying individual products and services in a Jan. 7 DoD memo. The DoD updated its Instruction 5000.02 document which lays out how the agency buys its goods and services.