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Latest Headlines

DoD hasn't implemented plan to properly monitor weapons acquisition, GAO says

The Defense Department isn't properly monitoring its weapons acquisitions for affordability, despite the Government Accountability Office laying out a plan for the DoD to do so eight years ago, according to an Aug. 27 GAO report.

PSC calls for Labor to update contractor locality pay rates

The Professional Services Council is calling on the Labor Department to update the wage rate for certain federal contractors providing services across the country.

GSA launches portal for quick IT purchases

The General Services Administration has launched a program that the agency says will make it easier for the government to buy pre-competed IT products.

Sandia Corp. settles allegations of illegal lobbying claims for nearly $5M

Between 2008 and 2012, Sandia Corp. used federal funds to lobby Congress and other federal officials to receive a non-competitive extension of its contract, which is a violation of the Byrd Amendment, according to DOJ allegations.

OPM kicks off category management program with RFP for fed employee training and services

With federal procurement moving toward a category management system, the Office of Personnel Management will be in charge of the category related to human capital. As a first step, OPM is looking for contractors to provide employee training and development solutions governmentwide.

Category management is the future of government procurement, Sharpe says

The General Services Administration is betting the house on category management as a way to fix federal procurement, and Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Tom Sharpe is the initiative's biggest cheerleader.

GSA says new travel contracts will save government more than $2B

The General Services Administration says agencies and departments will avoid high travel costs through a program that aims to reduce airfare for federal employees.

GAO: Agencies should be seeking deeper discounts on FSS contracts

Agencies aren't consistently seeking discounts when procuring goods and services off the Federal Supply Schedules, says a Government Accountability Office report released Aug. 10.

Incomplete contractor info made it difficult for DoD to determine noncompetitive contract prices

The Defense Department had trouble determining reasonable prices for noncompetitive contracts because some contractors were reluctant to share pricing information, according to an Aug. 12 Government Accountability Office report.

Contractor fraudulently obtained more than $2.6M in small business contracts, DOJ says

A Gaithersburg, Md. man was sentenced to nearly two years in prison after he fraudulently obtained millions of dollars in federal government contracts, according to an Aug. 3 Justice Department statement.