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Latest Headlines

GSA begins to roll out SmartPay payment system

The General Services Administration began rolling out its new governmentwide commercial payment system, says a Jan. 21 GSA statement. GSA will begin issuing Chip & PIN-enabled charge cards in sometime January, the statement says, and comes as a result of an Oct. 17, 2014 executive order meant to improve the security of consumer financial transactions.

GSA moves forward with plan to categorize government purchases

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is moving forward with its plan to break down products the government buys into core categories, says a Jan. 7 OFPP statement. In December, the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council, comprised of the seven largest and highest-spending agencies, approved dividing the federal marketplace into ten super categories of commonly purchased items, the statement says.

DoD says acquisition process should be tailored to indvidual products and services

The Defense Department updated the way it buys products by emphasizing a tailored approach to buying individual products and services in a Jan. 7 DoD memo. The DoD updated its Instruction 5000.02 document which lays out how the agency buys its goods and services.

SBA proposed rule would let small businesses join together for single contract

The Small Business Administration issued a proposed rule that would let two or more small businesses join together to bid on single small business contracts, a Dec. 29  Federal Register  notice says.

DoD IG substantiates contractor's $6.6 million claim

The Defense Department's contracting office didn't comply with government auditing practices when it rejected nearly $7 million in costs claimed by an unnamed contractor, a Dec. 23 DoD inspector general report says. The Defense Contracting Audit Agency determined in 2008 that there wasn't enough documentation based on a sample of 70 subcontractor invoices worth $13.5 million to justify the full payout, the report (pdf) says.

GAO: NRC cost estimating procedures aren't reliable

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's overall cost estimating procedures do not create reliable cost estimates, a recently released Dec. 12 Government Accountability Office report says. While some of the NRC's cost estimation procedures incorporate best practices, the agency isn't doing enough to make sure the cost estimates are accurate, the report says.

GAO rejects last OS3 bid protest, GSA contract back open for business

The General Services Administration will be able to offer its third iteration of the office supplies strategic sourcing contract again after the last of its bid protests was denied Wednesday.

IG: USPTO lacks oversight of time-and-materials contracts

The Patent and Trademark Office didn't follow best practices when monitoring its time-and-materials contracts for the amount of work done by a contractor, says a Dec. 3 Commerce Department inspector general report. The IG reviewed (pdf) 103 contracts worth $35.4 million and found that contracts $24.6 million lacked the proper oversight to determine whether payments made to the contractors were warranted.

Rung lays out 3-point plan to improve federal procurement

Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Anne Rung laid out a three point plan to improve the federal procurement process, including buying certain products governmentwide, in a Dec. 4 memo. Rung says in the memo (pdf) that there is a "critical need" for a new way of purchasing that moves from managing purchases individually across thousands of contracts to managing entire categories of common purchases governmentwide.

POGO chides DoD for service contract spending

The Project on Government Oversight criticized the Defense Department for not being able to bring service contract spending under control. In a Nov. 25 letter (pdf) to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, POGO charged the DoD with hindering efforts to reign in its service contract spending.