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Latest Headlines

Obama renews initiative ordering agencies to more quickly pay small business contractors

QuickPay requires agencies to pay small businesses with federal government contracts within 15 days of receiving an invoice, rather than the normal 30-day period, the statement says.

IG: DoD overpaid for helicopter parts by $9 million

The Defense Department overpaid about $9 million for spare parts for the Bell Helicopter Textron, the department inspector general says in a July 7 report. "This occurred because the contracting officer did not perform an adequate analysis when procuring sole-source commercial parts," the IG says.

Updated: GSA played favorites and mismanaged Reagan Building contract

The contractor who runs the federal government-owned Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center was selected through favoritism and subsequently mismanaged the building, a June 17 General Services Administration inspector general report says.

IG: USPS can't update its aging fleet because of budget constraints

The Postal Service hasn't been able to implement its plans to replace its aging fleet of vehicles because of budget constraints, a June 10 USPS inspector general report says. USPS developed a short-term plan in 2011 that included acquiring 25,000 vehicles costing about $500 million to meet operational needs and replace some of the aging fleet. The long-term plan included purchasing a new fleet of updated delivery vehicles starting in fiscal 2017.

GSA decides not to extend OS2

The General Services Administration won't extend the second iteration of the Office Supplies strategic sourcing initiative even though the third version isn't off the ground yet. The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative Second Generation Office Supplies blanket purchase agreements were set to expire on May 31.

Denied bid protests don't guarantee smooth sailing for OS3

The Government Accountability Office recently denied bid protests for the Office Supplies 3 strategic sourcing contract, but that doesn't mean its clearing sailing for the General Services Administration.

IG: Postal Service improperly awarded $18 million lock maintenance contract

The Postal Service handed out an $18 million contract with Diebold for mailbox lock maintenance without conducting best value analysis, a June 4 USPS inspector general report says. The Postal Service didn't develop a purchase plan or conduct a price analysis before awarding the contract, the IG says (pdf). Because of that contracting officials couldn't assess whether the price was reasonable or obtain a higher level review.

GSA issues OASIS awards to 74 companies

The General Services Administration handed out long awaited awards to 74 companies under its One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services contracting vehicle. OASIS functions as professional services sister vehicle to Alliant, which handles IT solutions in a similar way. The contract vehicle offers agencies a governmentwide contract that streamlines the acquisition of complex professional services, GSA said in a May 19 statement.

LPTA contracts stifle innovations, contracting officials say

Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable contracts might save the government some money, but they deter innovation, a panel of government contracting officials said Monday. "I don't know a senior leader in government that thinks LPTA is the best," said Tiffany Hixson, regional commissioner for the General Services Administration. "Contracting and innovation is about risk management.

OFPP lays out more training for contracting officers

A White House memo lays out changes to education and knowledge requirements for federal contracting officers and calls for more training and specializations. The May 7 memo (pdf) from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy says the new training and requirements will bring agencies more in line with Defense Department contracting practices including 100 additional hours of targeted training.