Hurricane Sandy

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GAO urges greater oversight of Red Cross disaster operations; new bill proposes just that

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), who's the ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee, requested the report after what he said were "unorganized and mismanaged responses to significant natural disasters – including Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti."

Future coastal flooding risks, economic losses will rise in several major US cities, analysis finds

The analysis by Risk Management Solutions found that hurricane-driven storm surge are increasing economic and insurance losses at several coastal cities, including Tampa and Miami. The firm also reviewed New York, Boston and Baltimore in addition to New Orleans

Federal efforts to enhance nation's resilience to disasters needs overall strategy, GAO says

Such a strategy could help identify, prioritize and guide future funding. But without it, GAO said it increases the risk that the government and its partners will see "lower returns on investments or lost opportunities to strengthen key critical infrastructure and lifelines."

Proposal to Hurricane Sandy victims from FEMA, insurers draws condemnation from judges

A panel of federal magistrate judges overseeing Hurricane Sandy insurance disputes slammed a confidentiality agreement from insurance carriers that would have required homeowners to stop cooperating with state and federal probes into fraud allegations in exchange for a settlement, the  International Business Times  reported Feb. 25.

FEMA agrees to reforms to help Hurricane Sandy victims get benefits, lawmakers announce

After meeting with the Federal Emergency Management Agency over complaints about flood damage claims from homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy, several U.S. lawmakers said agreed-to reforms should help victims resolve issues and get the benefits they need.

FEMA needs to better track costs, performance of long-term recovery efforts, audit finds

The Federal Emergency Management Agency risks mismanaging disaster relief funds because it doesn't track costs or performance data for offices established to deal with long-term recovery efforts, a recently released internal audit found.

Study: Sequester impact on DHS agencies uneven in their contract obligations

While sequestration resulted in a 4-percent decline across the Homeland Security Department's funded contract obligations, its impact was uneven across the department's various agencies and bureaus, a new study has shown.

Mobile app could help crowdsource solutions following disasters

An Android app, code named "uRep," which is under development at Kean University allows users to report a problem by snapping a picture and geo-tag it using GPS functionality built into their mobile device.

As FEMA, FTA both fund disaster recovery, report warns of confusion

Transit agencies applying for federal funds to rebuild after future disasters may be confused as to whether to seek it from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Federal Transit Administration, says a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Whistleblower reveals NOAA misused Hurricane Sandy relief money

Hurricane Sandy relief funds were inappropriately spent on National Estuarine Research Reserve System equipment that was not actually damaged in the storm, says a new inspector general report.