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Latest Headlines

CRS: Oversight of intelligence community contractors nearly impossible due to classified data

Oversight of intelligence community contracts is extremely difficult because the government doesn't have reliable contracting data and most of the intelligence information is classified, says an Aug. 18 Congressional Research Service report that was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists.

NNSA should remain within Energy Department despite overlap with other agencies, says panel

As National Nuclear Security Administration laboratories shift away from a focus on nuclear projects and undertake more assignments from other agencies to address broader national security concerns, a larger debate over their governance has also emerged.

Intelligence community seeks advanced speech-to-text technology, launches contest

U.S. intelligence officials are seeking innovative technology that can better help them translate speech into text in various acoustic environments. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity announced a challenge Nov. 18 called the Automatic Speech recognition in Reverberant Environments to do just that.

GAO: State's strategy to counter hostile Iranian activities has gaps, department disagrees

The State Department has gaps in its required strategy and intelligence assessment to counter Iran's growing hostile presence and activities, the Government Accountability Office maintains in a report publicly released Oct. 21.

House Intelligence Committee declassifies report on intelligence satellite cost-savings

The U.S. intelligence community could save billions of dollars in satellite costs without compromising capabilities, according to a report from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Intelligence community needs to get a better handle on contractor numbers, says GAO official

The intelligence community needs to better know how many contractors it employs and how reliant intelligence agencies are on them, Government Accountability Office official Timothy DiNapoli told a Senate panel. "Contractors can provide flexibility and unique expertise, but there are risks," DiNapoli said at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee  hearing. 

NIST drops random number generator under suspicion of NSA tampering

A random number generating algorithm under suspicion of National Security Agency tampering will no longer carry government approval. The National Institute of Standards and Technology  announced  Monday it will remove the algorithm in question, the Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator, from its publication containing pseudorandom generator standards.

Hagel: U.S. will exercise 'restraint' in cyber operations

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sought Friday to downplay the United States' recently-earned reputation for aggressiveness in cyberspace, even as he acknowledged a rapid pace of personnel expansion within Cyber Command. The Defense Department, he said, "will maintain an approach of restraint to any cyber operations outside the U.S. government networks. We are urging other nations to do the same."

NSA bulk metadata collection faces more proposals for its end

The days of bulk storage of communications metadata by the National Security Agency may be numbered with the addition of reform proposals from President Obama and House Intelligence Committee leaders – although both are under criticism from privacy watchdogs for not going far enough.

Intelligence community IT integration contract could be worth $6B

Federal intelligence agencies could spend up to $6 billion over five years on a wide-ranging information technology contract aiming to integrate IT services into a common environment. The contract will support the IC ITE, an effort to consolidate IT services across the intelligence community in a bid to to improve information sharing and collaboration.