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Latest Headlines

The Air Force will audit with the systems it has rather than the ERPs it wants

The Air Force will have to meet an accelerated goal for audit readiness by the end of calendar year 2014 with the legacy systems it has in place rather than the massive enterprise resource planning systems it's been developing, acknowledged Jamie Morin, Air Force comptroller.

Morin: Air Force at risk of missing 2017 audit deadline

The Air Force is at a moderate risk of missing the 2017 deadline for military services and the Defense Department to achieve a clean audit, Air Force comptroller Jamie Morin said during a Sept. 8

DoD ERP implementation woes include feeder systems

Worries about the Defense Department's implementation of enterprise resource planning systems increasingly encompasses data quality from feeder systems. The Army has hired an independent auditor to

Reduced DoD funding will require fundamental change, says panel

A Defense Department in store for a difficult decade of spending cuts will have to make sweeping changes to its internal structure, said panel members during a May 12 AFCEA International 2011 Joint