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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Bloomberg announces first cities to receive evidence-based governance grants

Eight mid-sized U.S. cities will receive help with data practices and performance management programs under Bloomberg Philanthropies' new What Works Cities initiative.

$42M Bloomberg grant aims to boost city data use

A new program of Bloomberg Philanthropies announced Monday will encourage mid-sized U.S. cities to use data to tackle local governance challenges.

Twelve US cities get philanthropic funding to tackle urban problems in innovative ways

Under the program, mayors can hire consultants to help existing staff analyze social, economic, and governance problems and use local government data to help address them.

14 cities awarded Bloomberg 'Innovation Team' grants

Fourteen cities ranging from Long Beach, Calif. to Jerusalem have been awarded up to $3 million in grants from Bloomberg Philanthropies to create "innovation teams" to come up with new approaches to poverty, public safety, and job growth, among other issues, through the use of data and open innovation, the foundation recently announced.

Federal court stays stop and frisk remedies in New York City

A federal appeals court has stayed a series of reforms to the stop-and-frisk practices of the New York Police Department  required  by lower court Judge Shira Scheindlin earlier this year.

Bloomberg calls for a more resilient NYC

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled June 11 a $19.5 billion plan to make the city more resilient in the face of natural disasters in the wake of vulnerabilities revealed by Hurricane Sandy and likely future weaknesses caused by climate change. A 438-page  report  includes proposals for portable flood walls, replenishment of sand beaches and dune maintenance, wetland restoration, as well as tide gates and offshore rock breakwaters.

NYPD under fire for surveillance of Muslims, stop-and-frisk policy

The Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition, the Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility project, and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund interviewed 57 American Muslims in New York City, including religious figures, youth, business owners, law enforcement officers and mosque-goers. Many of their mosques, businesses and student groups appeared in leaked NYPD documents about the surveillance, says a report the advocacy organizations published earlier this month.

New York City limits ICE detainers

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg approved March 18 two bills limiting the city's cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainee orders.  Critics of Secure Communities, the ICE information sharing program that permits it to search for illegal aliens arrested by state and local authorities by matching fingerprints sent to the FBI against immigration databases, were quick to applaud the legislation.

Gun lobby to blame for diminished gun-violence federal research, report says

Public funding for research into gun violence has dwindled since the mid-1990s, as a result of pressure from the gun lobby, says a new report from Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The advocacy group released the report Jan. 14 to mark one month after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Mayor Bloomberg: Apple mobile device thieves responsible for 2012 increase in NYC crimes

While New York City's homicide rate is the lowest since 1963, Mayor Michael Bloomberg blames a rise in thefts of Apple iPhones and iPads for a slight increase in major crimes committed in the city in 2012, a New York Times blog post says.