Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Clinton never used State Department email

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton never used an official government email address, reported the  New York Times  March 2. 

NARA rethinking CIA email records destruction proposal

The National Archives and Records Administration is reconsidering its initial approval of a Central Intelligence Agency proposal to destroy email records of all but 22 senior agency officials, according to a Nov. 26  Secrecy News  blog post.

NIST issues FISMA-based data security guidance for non-federal entities

Non-federal organizations such as contractors, state governments and academic institutions often handle controlled unclassified information, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology is offering specific guidance on protecting that information based on the Federal Information Security Management Act.

OGIS director Miriam Nisbet to retire at end of November

For much of her career in government service, Miriam Nisbet has been on the cutting edge of the intersection of digital technology and the Freedom of Information Act. But more than 35 years after she began government service in 1978, Nisbet will leave her post as the government's top FOIA ombudsman at the end of November to take a break and pursue a career in the private sector.

OMB and NARA set dates for electronic records management

The Office of Management and Budget and the National Archives and Records Administration set two new dates for agencies to get their electronic records in order. OMB issued guidance (pdf) that supports a 2012 directive requiring agencies to manage permanent and temporary email records electronically by the end of 2016 and manage all permanent electronic records in an electronic format by the end of 2019.

FOIA committee sets disclosure, oversight and fees as top priorities

The newly created expanded Freedom of Information Act advisory committee set oversight of the FOIA process, increased proactive disclosure and eliminating fees as their top priorities at a June 24 meeting. The committee is comprised of government members and 10 non-governmental members with FOIA expertise. The group was created through the second Open Government National Action Plan with and charged studying FOIA across the government and advising on ways to improve FOIA.

NARA to roll out Federal Register tracking portal, digital submission training

The National Archives and Records Administration will now offer online training for federal employees making digital submissions to the Federal Register and a new web portal to track submissions. The web portal is scheduled to go live this summer and will enable agencies to track their submissions and get immediate feedback on the document's digital signature.

NARA creates FOIA advisory committee

The National Archives and Records Administration will create a committee to improve the way the government process Freedom of Information Act request, a May 5 Federal Register notice says. "NARA has determined that the creation of the FOIA Advisory Committee is in the public interest due to the expertise and valuable advice the Committee members will provide on issues related to improving the administration of FOIA," the  notice  says.

NARA urges agencies to adopt email management practices

The National Archives and Records Administration wants agencies to implement a simplified and automated approach to managing the billions of emails they send and receive. The approach, called Capstone, is not mandatory but is designed to help agencies comply with an  August 2012 memo  from the White House that requires them to electronically manage permanent and temporary email records by Dec. 31, 2016.

Mobile devices create records management headache

Concern about mobile devices and records management sparked the National Archives and Records Administration to warn agencies about the challenges they're likely to face.