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Latest Headlines

Mobile devices create records management headache

Concern about mobile devices and records management sparked the National Archives and Records Administration to warn agencies about the challenges they're likely to face.

NARA explores implications of mobile for records management

The increasing use of mobile devices at federal agencies may have broad implications for records management, something the National Archives and Records Administration has set out to address.

NARA office wants FOIA personnel involved in procurement

The federal office that serves as the Freedom of Information Act ombudsman is aiming to embed FOIA personnel into information technology procurement and development. The idea would be to ensure in advance that agencies can efficiently search for electronic records in new repositories.

Agencies should develop specific email management plan when employing Capstone approach, NARA says

Federal agency records managers should develop an email management plan when using the new Capstone approach. The plan should suit the needs of the agency, while keeping with legal standards specific to the agency, the National Archives and Records Administration said during a recent workshop.

OPM proposes formal records management job series

The Office of Personnel Management Dec. 27 issued a draft description of a formal records management occupational series. The draft position clarification flysheet for records management professionals intends to fulfill a requirement under President Obama's 2011  memorandum on managing government records.

Shutdown delayed FOIA processing, says NARA official

Freedom of Information Act processing at many agencies has been delayed because the majority of FOIA professionals were furloughed as non-excepted employees during the government's 16-day shutdown. Unfortunately, the FOIA statute does not address government shutdowns,  writes  Kristen Mitchell, a facilitator at the National Archives and Records Administration's office of government information services, in an Oct. 24 blog post.

NARA: Multiple email accounts per fed is okay

Federal employees utilizing multiple official email accounts doesn't go against record management practices so long as each email account is traceable to its single user, says the National Archives and Records Administration.

Agency FOIA policies go unexamined by OGIS

The office within the National Archives and Records Administration meant to review agency Freedom of Information Act policies and procedures hasn't really done so, says the Government Accountability Office. Those policies matter, because they control how agencies respond to document requests – but agencies can go for years without updating their procedures to accommodate new FOIA requirements.

Agencies haven't told NARA where their records are

The National Archives and Records Administration doesn't know where all agencies store their physical records, the Government Accountability Office says. NARA has tried to gather that information, but not all agencies submitted it. The data that NARA has received is mostly from 2008 and 2009 and is now outdated, the GAO says in a report (.pdf) released Sept. 10.

NARA unveils 'Capstone' approach to email archiving

Federal agencies now have the option of simply designating the contents of entire email accounts as worthy of preservation by the National Archives and Records Administration rather than counting on their users to recognize which individual messages should be sent to NARA.