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Latest Headlines

McCain lambastes Obama cyber strategy, urges sanctions in letters to senior officials

In letters to senior members of the Obama administration, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted the president's cybersecurity strategy and argued for the use of sanctions against the Chinese government.

Intelligence, Defense officials skeptical of US-China cyber agreement

Officials from the Defense Department and Intelligence community said they aren't confident a broad agreement on cybersecurity signed by President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will be a successful deterrence measure in cyberspace.

Winners of IARPA's advanced speech-to-text system challenge share $110,000 prize

The contest, called the Automatic Speech recognition in Reverberant Environments, sought technology that could accurately and automatically transcribe speech that was recorded in "noisy and reverberant environments."

OPM: Agencies will process clearance checks by hand until digital system is back online

Federal agencies will have to process security clearance checks by hand until the Office of Personnel Management's digital system is back up and running, says a July 2 email statement from OPM.

Security clearance holders have decreased over the last year, says ODNI

The number of people holding security clearances for access to classified information decreased last year by about 12 percent or 635,000 people, says a recently released Office of the Director of National Intelligence report obtained by the Federation of American Scientists'  Secrecy News  blog.

Clapper highlights cyber as top US security concern

As cyber attacks grow more sophisticated and persistent, the United States must be prepared for a cyber event of massive scale, said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper while delivering the Intelligence Community's "Worldwide Threat Assessment" to Congress.

ODNI says no change to prepublication review, experts think differently

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence says media reports misconstrued its new policy for reviewing documents meant to be released to the public, but open government expert don't buy it. The new policy (pdf) simply combines two previous policies, ODNI says in a statement (pdf) obtained by Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists' project on government secrecy.

Security clearance approvals decreased over last three years, ODNI says

The number of federal security clearances issued and renewed dropped about 9 percent since 2011, an April 17 Office of the Director of National Intelligence report says. Security clearance approvals decreased in fiscal 2013 to about 777,000 from nearly 800,000 in fiscal 2012 and about 850,000 in fiscal 2011, the report (pdf) says.

APIs are king, says ODNI official

Application programming interfaces aren't the only the thing agencies should be focused on with mobility efforts, but they should be a core part of the approach, says Pamela Wise-Martinez, senior strategic enterprise architect at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

ODNI counsel calls for stop to overclassification in wake of Snowden leaks

The intelligence community needs to move beyond simply reacting to formal requests to make information public and be more proactive about making as much information public as possible, said Office of the Director of National Intelligence General Counsel Robert Litt.