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Latest Headlines

Budget cuts drove degraded service, thousands of lost jobs at IRS, finds GAO

The Internal Revenue Service lost about 6,300 employees in three departments alone and had to delay employee background reinvestigations for nearly 25,000 workers due to budget cuts, according to a July 24 Government Accountability Office report.

OPM memo: Fed agencies will have to pay fair share to notify 21.5M victims in breach, provide services

According to the memo, OPM seeks agency contributions for fiscal 2015, which ends in about two months, and for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 "given the limited resources available to OPM at this time to deal with a contract of this size."

OMB: Deficit as share of GDP showed sharpest decline since WWII

The Office of Management and Budget reported the sharpest decline in the federal deficit as a share of the gross domestic product since World War II as part of its mid-year review.

Marine Corps, Interior Dept. push IT mandates as part of cybersecurity 'sprint'

The Marine Corps is directing its information technology system administrators to immediately implement public key infrastructure, or PKI, encryption as part of a review of cybersecurity at the service. Privileged user authentication and PKI are mandatory requirements, according to a memo issued July 1.

White House revising model for defining the "social costs" of carbon emissions

The White House is taking steps to help agencies define what it calls the "social costs" of carbon emissions on the environment, says a July 2 Office of Management and Budget blog post.

OMB to agencies: Consider energy efficiency in fiscal 2017 budget requests

For the fiscal 2017 budget requests, federal agencies will be required to ensure that funding requests in support of federal facilities align with the Obama administration's climate preparedness and resilience goals, according to July 1 blog post.

Industry group says federal background check system taken offline may affect contractors' work

In a July 1 letter addressed to federal officials, the Professional Services Council expressed concern over the suspension of the Office of Personnel Management's "e-QIP" system two days earlier after the vulnerability was discovered.

Archuleta keeps breach numbers close to the vest, has federal CIO's support

During the last of three congressional hearings held last week to address data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta held her ground in refusing to peg a final number on compromised records.

Federal agencies exposing login and password information, technology company finds

Login credentials for 47 federal agencies across 89 unique domains may have been exposed, leaving them open to espionage and criminal attacks, reported Recorded Future, which analyzed open source intelligence data and 17 paste sites for a year.

Agencies holding on to excess property due to unreliable database, GAO official tells Senate committee

Agencies continue to hold on to excess property and use bad data when deciding whether to keep or sell federal property, a Government Accountability Office official told a Senate panel on June 16.