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Latest Headlines

A closer look at NIST's cloud roadmap and hybrid guidance

It's been four years since the Office of Management and Budget asked federal chief information officers to think "cloud first" – or consider cloud computing-based solutions when investing in new technology, or updating legacy systems. 

Cyber vandalism 'the least of our worries,' says White House cybersecurity coordinator

Cyber intrusions that result in embarrassing social media posts or websites going dark are hardly blips on the radar for White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel.

Feds slightly more engaged this year, says Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Federal workers were slightly more engaged in their jobs this year than they were last year, and NASA remained one of the top agencies for job satisfaction, according to the Office of Personnel Management's 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Agencies plan for shutdown, but OMB hopeful for short-term funding bill

Agencies are reviewing contingency plans in case Congress can't come to a budget agreement and the government shuts down come Oct. 1, but the Office of Management and Budget says it hopes those plans aren't needed.

State Department's proposed diplomatic security facility meets needed criteria, GAO says

While a State Department plan for a diplomatic security training facility is expected to cost more than $140 million more than an alternative proposal, congressional investigators recently concluded that it was the better of the two options because it met four needed critical elements.

OMB outlines new guidance for tracking federal infrastructure projects

Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan released a memo Tuesday outlining ways agencies can better streamline and track the process for reviewing infrastructure projects, including bridges, transit and railways.

GAO: Many federal agencies not following OMB guidance to complete IT reinvestment plans

Of the 27 agencies that are required to submit reinvestment plans – including one-time and ongoing plans – to the Office of Management and Budget, only five had fully implemented such guidance while the remaining 22 agencies have partially implemented it.

Top administration officials seek new budgeting method to fight wildfires, improve resilience

To fix this in the long term, administration officials said Congress should permit spending on firefighting to be scored as an adjustment to discretionary spending caps during bad fire seasons, similar to other federal disaster responses. 

PSC says draft guidance aimed at improving cybersecurity in federal acquisitions fails

An industry group that represents several hundred government contractors wrote senior Obama administration officials to say that recently issued draft guidance covering cybersecurity in federal acquisitions falls far short of improving meaningful protection.

OMB seeking comments on new intellectual property enforcement plan

The Office of Management and Budget is soliciting opinions on what can be done to better intellectual property enforcement, according to a Sept. 1 Federal Register notice.