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Latest Headlines

CIO makes good use of Postal Service data, but presentation needs improvement, watchdog says

An internal U.S. Postal Service audit found that the chief information officer is effectively using internal and external data to manage business activities and lessen risk, but there's room for improvement – mainly around how the data is presented.

USPS's general counsel can make better use of data to lessen risk, agency watchdog says

The USPS inspector general's audit is one in a series to see how the Postal Service uses data. The agency's general counsel is responsible for corporate and postal business law as well as legal strategy and policy, the report said.

Coburn lays out wasteful spending in his fifth and final report

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn released his own collection of what he calls wasteful spending in the government, ranging from never-used cars to party patrols provided by the Coast Guard. It will be his fifth and last, as the senator will be stepping down in January to focus on his fight with prostate cancer.

Audit finds USPS isn't backing up essential data in separate hardware

An internal investigation found that the U.S. Postal Service isn't backing up data in separate hardware following the recent loss of a database that kept track of computer incidents.

IG: Postal Service can leverage big data for efficiencies, new products

Big data presents an enormous opportunity for the Postal Service to improve current capabilities and spin off new services that align with its mission.

Federal government sheds 75,000 jobs in 2013, BLS stats show

The federal government lost about 75,000 jobs in 2013, with the biggest decrease coming in March, the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows. The statistics include full and part-time jobs and are seasonally adjusted.

The rent is too damn high on Postal Service facilities, say auditors

The Postal Service could save millions if it renegotiated leases set to expire that are above market rate, an Oct. 23 USPS inspector general report says. The Northeast Area spends more than $184 million annually to lease more than 3,300 facilities, the  report  (.pdf) says. Auditors identified 1,762 of 3,389 leases in which the service is possibly paying above market rate rent. USPS could save $6.6 million if it renegotiated facility rates or closed facilities for 250 of those leases that are set to expire in the next two years and are above market rates.  

PRC wants to speed up approval process for major changes

The Postal Service proposed a way to streamline its process of implementing major changes by shortening the time its review board has to weigh in. Under postal law, USPS must request an advisory opinion from the five-person regulatory panel before it can make changes that would have a nationwide impact on service levels. The frequency of USPS requests for advisory opinions has increased in recent years, the statement notes.  

USPS to offer health insurance to non-career employees

The Unites States Postal Service will offer all non-career employees health insurance in a move to comply with the Affordable Care Act, a USPS press release says. USPS employs 35,000 non-career employees, USPS spokeswoman Sue Brennan said. That represents about 7 percent of the 495,000 total USPS employees.

Postal Service wants new programs for health and retiree benefits

Lawmakers can make modest reforms to the Postal Service soon or be left with only severe options later, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said April 19. By the end of 2017, taxpayers might have to spend $58 billion to prop up the Postal Service as its debts accumulate, he said.