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Latest Headlines

GAO: Agencies need to be more transparent about reviewing existing regulations

Agencies need to better report the progress of analysis done on existing regulations to see if they need to be updated, a recently released April 11 Government Accountability Office report says. From January 2011 through August 2013, agencies looked at 650 current regulations to see if they needed to be modified. About 246 of those retrospective analyses resulted in regulatory changes, the report says.

FEMA laments slow regulatory process as disaster costs grow

With disaster relief costs climbing into the billions of dollars annually, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has tried to ease regulations and encourage efforts to mitigate damage. But the process moves at a frustratingly slow pace, said FEMA's David Miller during a Senate hearing May 14.

House Republicans propose commission to repeal regulations

A new commission modeled after the Base Realignment and Closure process would be able to repeal regulations issued by federal agencies under a bill that House Republicans are preparing to introduce.

Officials seek interagency forum to discuss international regulations

Officials across the federal government want a venue where they can share their experiences working with foreign regulatory agencies, the Government Accountability Office says. Venues for agencies to discuss international regulatory cooperation do exist, but they involve high-level officials, not those who are responsible for day-to-day implementation, GAO says in a report (.pdf) released August 1.

Jewell defends fracking safety standards on federal land

"Minimum acceptable standards need to be out there," even if states have their own regulations, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said. The Interior Department proposed a rule for fracking safety in May and has been working to finalize it. But Jewell said the department had yet to determine whether states themselves could receive variances or if companies would have to apply for each natural gas well.

OIRA administrator nominee would focus on regulatory look back

If confirmed as the administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Howard Shelanski would continue the regulatory look-back process emphasized by his predecessor Cass Sunstein.

Watchdog calls White House meeting records suspicious

The records of interactions between the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and special-interest groups are suspiciously sparse, the Center for Effective Government said Feb. 26. The advocacy group analyzed OIRA records for three agencies and found what it said is an implausibly small number of written comments and records of phone conversations.

Spotlight: Regulatory reform paying off, says Sunstein

Efforts to streamline regulations over the last 3 years have resulted in "more than $91 billion in net benefits," according to a May 10 White House blog post from Cass Sunstein,...

White House tells agencies to look abroad when reviewing regulations

Under the May 1 executive order, agencies are required to submit a regulatory plan that summarizes the "international regulatory cooperation activities that are reasonably anticipated to lead to significant regulations."

Stories better justify homeland security regulations, says panel

Narratives that show how a proposed regulation might reduce terrorist attacks could be more useful than complex cost-benefit models to justify regulations, according to an April 4 Rand Corp. report (.pdf).