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Latest Headlines

USPS must adapt to needs of digital natives, IG says

The Postal Service must cater to those who grew up in the digital age by encouraging digitally interactive mail pieces, such as those containing QR codes, and by capitalizing on an interest in parcel mail, a Nov. 18 Postal Service inspector general report says.

USPS lost $5 billion in fiscal 2013

The Postal Service ended fiscal 2013 with a loss of $5 billion, down from a $16 billion loss in fiscal 2012, say USPS financials released Nov. 15. Still, that marks seven consecutive years that USPS incurred a loss, a Postal Service release on its financial statement (.pdf) says. The Post Office has lost money for seven consecutive years, the Postal Service acknowledges in a  release  on its financial  statement  (.pdf).

Retiree healthcare reform would help USPS back to solvency, Donahoe says

Reforming Postal Service health care so retirees utilize Medicare would save USPS money and help keep the agency solvent, USPS Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told a Senate panel Sept. 26.

Donahoe: USPS needs legislation to remain financially stable

The Postal Service needs legislation to bring the agency back to financial solvency as it faces the prospect of having to ask for an emergency rate hike to keep it afloat, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Spotlight: USPS issues early retirement offers

The Postal Service began to send out early retirement offers to managers and executives outside of headquarters Sept. 16. The National Association of Postal Supervisors first announced the offers, which do not contain financial incentives, on Sept. 4.

USPS underutilized non-career employees in fiscal 2012, IG says

Though the Postal Service increasingly uses non-career postal support employees, the mail deliverer only used about half the number allowed under the American Postal Workers Union's National Labor Agreement, missing out on a chance to save on spending overtime, an Aug. 16 USPS inspector general  report  (.pdf) says.

Cellphones for USPS package tracking often weren't connected

Many postal carriers failed to connect the two devices they use in tandem to transmit package delivery data, the Postal Service office of inspector general says.As a result, the delivery data did not go through the cellphones.

USPS pricing incentives and special products won't offset First Class and Standard Mail declines, GAO says

The Postal Service has tried to offset revenue declines and higher costs through customized pricing incentives with companies and competitive products, but that money won't likely cover sales declines in First Class and Standard Mail, a recently release June 25 Government Accountability Office report (.pdf) says.

Skepticism at USPS discussion concerning virtual PO boxes

A virtual PO box would be a digital address assigned to a customer that could be linked to any physical address, manageable online or via mobile application. Individuals could have mail shipped to a non-permanent address they would be able to link the virtual PO box address to any physical address.

No 'massive layoffs' at Postal Service, postmaster general says

Speculation about widespread layoffs if the Postal Service ends Saturday letter delivery is unfounded, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in his State of the Postal Service address April 3. He also dismissed the notion that if the Postal Service switches to 5 day delivery, 4 day delivery would follow, then 3 day and so on.