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Latest Headlines

CRS: Oversight of intelligence community contractors nearly impossible due to classified data

Oversight of intelligence community contracts is extremely difficult because the government doesn't have reliable contracting data and most of the intelligence information is classified, says an Aug. 18 Congressional Research Service report that was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists.

FirstNet names new CEO, aims to improve agency transparency, reputation

The First Responder Network Authority named former police captain and technology executive Michael Poth as its first chief executive officer on Monday as the agency shook up its top-level administration.

GSA pushes speedier IT service delivery across agencies

As federal agencies work to improve their customers' digital experience, one General Services Administration official says his team is scaling out techniques to help agencies institutionalize the real-time delivery of information technology.

Brookings fellow: More transparency yields better projects at federal aid agencies

If federal aid agencies want to maximize the impact of their development projects they should begin by being more transparent with the progress of their projects, says Brookings Institution Fellow Jeffrey Gutman in a July 20 blog post.

DOJ issues drone guidance for agencies that enhances transparency, accountability

The department uses drones to help in search and rescue efforts, drug interdictions and fugitive investigations, among other applications, since they are more cost-effective and safer than using manned aircraft.

Sunlight FOIA request leads to more open data, updated OMB policy

A Freedom of Information Act request from the Sunlight Foundation has turned into federal policy on agency data holdings, the foundation reported.

OMB releases more IT Dashboard metrics

For the first time since the Office of Management and Budget released the  IT Dashboard  in 2009, it is providing IT performance metrics used in internal discussions with agencies, according to a report.

Treasury restores some functionality lost in USASpending.gov redesign, stands up GitHub page for feedback

Changes made over the past week show "this isn't a one and done thing" said a Treasury official speaking on background. "It's iterative. It's going to be a continuous process," he added.

USASpending.gov updated, functionality drastically diminished say businesses

In the early hours of March 31, the Treasury Department pushed out an update to USASpending.gov, one of the federal government's premier open data platforms, but instead of ushering in improvements or new capabilities, changes to the massive database tool stripped the site of critical functionality.

Report: Scientists at health agencies get conflicting guidance on freedom of expression

A watchdog group says the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration need to issue stronger guarantees that their scientists have scientific freedom of speech.