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Latest Headlines

Agency watchdog finds NRC political appointees didn't interfere with FOIA requests

Congress requested that the NRC inspector general make sure that political appointees, also known as non-career officials, had not interfered with the FOIA process and inhibited transparency.

Aftergood: New librarian of Congress could bring LOC into the digital future

Librarian of Congress James Billington is set to retire in January and government transparency expert Steven Aftergood says the change in leadership presents an opportunity for the agency to enter the digital age and make more records available online.

DOJ launches program to open up FOIA request responses to the public

The Justice Department launched a new pilot program to be tested at seven agencies that would open up Freedom of Information Act responses to everyone, not just the requester.

Aftergood says CRS reports should be public, others warn of unintended consequences

A transparency advocate says the Congressional Research Service should be able to release its reports publicly just like its sister organization, the Congressional Budget Office, but others caution that could have unintended consequences.

PSC supports NARA unclassified information rule, but with some caveats

The Professional Services Council on Tuesday came out in support of a new National Archives and Records Administration rule that lays out how agencies should deal with unclassified information that still has some restrictions placed on it.

Archives clears up FOIA website confusion

With the launch of the openFOIA website last month, the National Archives and Records Administration has laid out what information requesters and Freedom of Information Act office workers can get from the three main FOIA-related federal websites.

DOJ updates guidance on questioning if FOIA requesters are still interested

Since a Freedom of Information Act request can take months for an agency to fill, the Justice Department is updating guidance that helps agencies determine if requesters are still interested in getting the information, according to a July 2 DOJ notice.

NARA wants input on FOIA modernization

Agencies have come under fire for not being proactive about handing over documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act. So as part of FOIA modernization efforts, the National Archives and Records Administration is reaching out to the public to find out what they see as faults in the process.

NARA lays out timeline for agencies turning over documents

Permanent records, regardless of format, should be transferred into the National Archives and Records Administration's custody only when business use has ceased and the passage of time has lessened the sensitivity of the records, says a June 17 NARA bulletin.

DOJ IG will make the summaries of senior executive misconduct public

The Justice Department inspector general has set out a new policy to make the summaries of misconduct by senior executives in the agency public. In a letter to Congress, the DOJ IG says it is now posting investigative summaries of cases involving the misconduct of members of the Senior Executive Service and employees at the GS-15 grade level or above as well as Assistant U.S. Attorneys.