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Latest Headlines

House Republicans blame IRS wasteful spending for customer service decline

The Internal Revenue Service has been calling for a stop to agency budget cuts that they say have caused poor customers service, but House Republicans came out Wednesday to counter that claim.

OMB releases more IT Dashboard metrics

For the first time since the Office of Management and Budget released the  IT Dashboard  in 2009, it is providing IT performance metrics used in internal discussions with agencies, according to a report.

Air traffic controller union calls for change to FAA funding

"The status quo of unstable, unpredictable funding for the National Airspace System has led to serious problems at the FAA," said National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Paul Rinaldi.

Fed agencies reduce planned PortfolioStat savings as GAO questions past IT reform savings

Through the Office of Management and Budget initiative launched three years ago that requires agencies to review their IT investments annually and cut duplication, agencies were supposed to save $5.8 billion between fiscal 2013 and 2015. However, they reduced that amount to $2 billion, a 68 percent cut.

IG: DOL didn't follow travel and conference spending guidelines

The Labor Department didn't follow federal guidelines for travel and conference spending and may have miscalculated the cost of its most expensive conferences, says a recently released DOL inspector general report. "DOL is entrusted with public funds and it should strive to demonstrate that it complies with all federal guidance to reduce costs to the government," the report says.

Senate passes fiscal 2016 budget plan; Democrats aren't happy with the results

The blueprint passed 52-46 just before the Senate left for its spring recess and outlines the Republican plan to shrink deficits by about $5 trillion over the next ten years by cutting entitlement programs and not raising taxes.

OMB to issue FITARA implementation guidance

The Office of Management and Budget plans to issue formal guidance to agencies on implementing the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, or FITARA, which passed in December as part of the fiscal 2015 Defense spending bill.

New federal CIO hopes to ride 'a tide of good trends'

As the new lead for federal information technology, Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott plans to ride "a tide of good trends" that includes realizing savings from TechStat and PortfolioStat activities, consolidating data centers and digitizing government services.

GAO: NASA major project cost overruns increased, but were relatively low

The cost of NASA's major projects have increased over the last year, but the growth in costs was relatively low compared to historic levels, says a March 24 Government Accountability Office report.

DHS IG confirms whistleblower allegations that some border patrol agents abused overtime pay

Through four separate reports, the Homeland Security Department's watchdog said it's confirmed allegations from whistleblowers about widespread misuse of "administratively uncontrollable overtime" by some U.S. border patrol agents.