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Latest Headlines

GAO: Agencies having trouble implementing green building initiatives

Federal agencies are having trouble implementing the green building standards ordered by the Obama administration, says a July 23 Government Accountability Office report.

IG: Postal Service could generate millions by partnering with wellness services

The Postal Service could boost its revenue by partnering with wellness organizations that need help delivering goods and services to their clients, says July 22 USPS inspector general report.

OSTP: Prizes continue to entice the public to help government solve tech problems

Agencies have spurred innovation and saved money through the use of prizes that entice the public to help the government with complex problems, according to a July 17 blog post by two White House Office of Science and Technology Policy officials.

DoD business systems modernization isn't producing results, GAO says

The Defense Department's effort to modernize its business systems isn't producing the desired results because the department hasn't implemented recommendations defined over the last 20 years, says a July 16 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: NASA Space Launch System cost and schedule estimates are unreliable

NASA's cost and schedule estimates for its Space Launch System aren't credible because the agency didn't follow best practices, says a July 16 Government Accountability Office audit.

USPS must make transformational changes to take advantage of e-commerce package growth, IG says

The IG says e-commerce sales reached about $300 billion in 2014, or 6.5 percent of total retail sales that year. And those numbers continue to grow.

Space station costs to jump by almost $1B by fiscal 2020, GAO says

Costs for the International Space Station are expected to be almost $1 billion more than initially projected, according to the Government Accountability Office. The report was delivered as testimony July 10 before the House Science, Space and Technology subcommittee on space.

VA starts brain bank to study effects of PTSD in vets

The two groups have started the first brain tissue biorepository, also known as a brain bank, to support research on the causes, progression and treatment of PTSD that affects veterans.

IG: Physical ads sent through the Postal Service have more impact than digital ads

People tend to process digital ads more quickly, but they spend more time with and have more of an emotional response to physical ads sent through the Postal Services, says a June 15 USPS inspector general white paper.

Government looks to deliver digital services around major life events

The government should be building its digital services through an approach that takes into account ways to help with major life events including colleges and having children, says a May 15 DigitalGov blog post. "Designing services to be responsive to be life events that drive public needs is a powerful way to deliver citizen-centered value," the blog post says.