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Latest Headlines

VA starts brain bank to study effects of PTSD in vets

The two groups have started the first brain tissue biorepository, also known as a brain bank, to support research on the causes, progression and treatment of PTSD that affects veterans.

IG: Physical ads sent through the Postal Service have more impact than digital ads

People tend to process digital ads more quickly, but they spend more time with and have more of an emotional response to physical ads sent through the Postal Services, says a June 15 USPS inspector general white paper.

Government looks to deliver digital services around major life events

The government should be building its digital services through an approach that takes into account ways to help with major life events including colleges and having children, says a May 15 DigitalGov blog post. "Designing services to be responsive to be life events that drive public needs is a powerful way to deliver citizen-centered value," the blog post says.

IG: USPS could make more than $1B annually by offering financial services to underserved communities

The Postal Service inspector general is again pushing the agency to consider offering banking options at post offices in communities underserved by financial institutions, saying the agency could make more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

Agencies turn to the public for innovative, cost-cutting solutions

Agencies have increasingly looked beyond federal employees and turned to public competitions to find innovative solutions to vexing problems, says a recently released Office of Science and Technology Policy report. And that's saved the government money in the long run.

GAO: Navy needs to make up its mind on the mission of its new, unmanned aircraft

The development of an aircraft carrier-based unmanned plane has been delayed by years because the Navy has not determined whether the technology will primarily be used for attacks or for surveillance. 

GSA suggests ways agencies can reduce water use

The General Services Administration shared three ways that agencies can reduce their water use over the next ten years, in an April 21 GSA blog post.

GSA touts federal vehicle fleet's energy efficiency

The General Services Administration has initiated a number of programs over the last several years to make the federal vehicle fleet more energy efficient, and the agency says the initiatives are working.

NSF: Funding for federal R&D centers has plummeted

The majority of the nation's federally funded research and development centers reported spending less on R&D in fiscal 2013 than they had the previous year, according to a National Science Foundation's National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics report.

Social 'share' buttons expand federal websites' reach, says social media manager

Federal agencies can boost online engagement if they properly use social media "share" buttons on pages of their website, says Sara Smith, social media strategist at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.