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Latest Headlines

Grants, missile defense hit hardest in DoD S&T budget request

Overall funding for the Defense Department's science and technology budget would see about a $500 million reduction in the president's fiscal 2015 budget request, with grants and missile defense bearing the brunt of the cut, says a DoD official.

Prize competitons help drive innovation, panel tells House subcommittee

Prize competitions help drive innovation and incentivizes advancements in science, a group of scientists told a house panel. Though prizes don't replace research and development funding, they serve as another tool, scientists said at an April 9 House Science, Space and Technology research and technology subcommittee hearing.

NASA wants to throw an asteroid into the moon's orbit and put a man on Mars in 20 years

NASA plans to put a man on Mars in the next 20 years and lob an asteroid into the moons orbit, a NASA administrator told a Senate panel. "Our architecture is designed for long-term human exploration of our solar system, including the goal of human missions to Mars," said NASA Associate Administrator William Gerstenmaier.

NIST manufacturing technology centers not optimally funded

The National Institute of Standards and Technology doesn't take into account service demand when it issues funds to Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers. That leaves some centers short when demand is high, a March 27 Government Accountability Office report says.

China could outpace U.S. science funding by 2022, NSF says

Federal investment into science faces the prospect of being outspent by China within a decade, warns National Science Foundation Acting Director Cora Marrett. Based on current projections, it's likely that by 2022 China science budget will be larger than the U.S. budget, Marrett told appropriators during a March 27 hearing. "The rate of progress elsewhere is outpacing what we're undertaking," Marrett told a House Appropriations subcommittee.

United States must make aggressive investments in supercomputing, DOE official says

The United States needs to make aggressive investments in supercomputing because other countries are gaining on us, said Patricia Dehmer, Energy Department's acting director of the science office.

Challenges and prizes aren't solving technical problems, finds study

Analysis of more than 200 crowdsourcing and contests run by federal agencies and departments finds that the format is used primarily to inform and educate the public about public management problems, not to solve complex, technical problems.

Electronic poll books streamline election day check in process, Maryland official says

Electronic poll books have significantly streamlined the process of checking in at election polls, shortening the long lines usually expected on election day, said Linda Lamone, administrator of the Maryland State Board of Elections at a March 12 Senate Rules Committee hearing.

OPM wants to retool USAJobs to make it work better with agency hiring sytems

The Office of Personnel Management wants to make the job application process easier by streamlining its web-based job board so that it works better with individual agency hiring systems, OPM says in its Strategic IT Plan posted March 11.

2015 Budget Request: Science and technology

President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget proposes $135.4 billion for research and development. The Defense Department would receive the largest chunk, about $64.4 billion.