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Latest Headlines

GAO instructs agencies on how to review GPRAMA progress

The Government Accountability Office offered several ways in which agencies can ensure they're reviewing performance goals properly in a new report.

GAO lays out ways agencies can combat program fraud

Federal agencies could reduce the risk of fraud through new detection processes laid out by the Government Accountability Office in a July 28 report.

House passes bill to investigate how data can improve program efficiency

The House passed a bipartisan bill Monday that would commission an investigation into how agencies can better use data on federal programs to improve operational efficiency.

HVAC Chairman: VA will get its funding and not have to shut down hospitals

Two House Republicans said they won't let the Veterans Affairs Department shut down medical facilities because of its budget shortfall.

Candidates should be setting up transition teams now, Brookings fellow says

At the risk of appearing overconfident, the 2016 presidential candidates should start putting together transition teams now to make it easier to manage agencies from day one, according to a Brookings Institution blog post by John Hudak.

CBO: USPS can't afford House committee provision to reopen mail facilities

The Postal Service can't afford a provision added to a House Appropriations bill that would reopen USPS facilities that have closed over the last year and hire new workers, according to a July 13 Congressional Budget Office letter to Congress.

DoD seeks to end transgender ban in the military

The Defense Department announced it will undertake a six-month study aimed at ending the ban on transgender people in the military.

GAO: HUD needs to prove it properly implemented low income housing program

The Department of Housing and Urban Development hasn't proven that it properly implemented all parts of the program that provides housing for low income and Native American families, says July 10 Government Accountability Office prepared testimony.

VA will start shutting down hospitals if Congress doesn't approve extra funding

The Veterans Affairs Department again made a public plea to Congress to approve extra funding for veterans' healthcare, saying it needs money by the end of the month or it will have to start shutting down hospital operations.

2013 debt limit debate cost the government up to $70M, GAO says

When Congress delayed raising the debt ceiling in 2013, it ended up increasing the government's borrowing costs by up to $70 million, according to a July 9 Government Accountability Office report.