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Latest Headlines

GAO: USPS needs to establish management responsibilities for negotiated service contracts

The Postal Service hasn't established management's responsibilities for overseeing customized mail pricing contracts with companies, says a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

USPS CFO: We need new vehicles

The Postal Service has delayed updating its vehicle fleet for nearly a decade due to lack of funds, but it can't be put off any longer, Postal Service Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a May 21 meeting.

USPS halts plan to consolidate and close processing facilities

The Postal Service has suspended its plans to consolidate or close processing facilities in 2015. According to documents on the USPS website, the closures and consolidations dates of all plants were changed from 2015 to "to be determined," with the exception of three plants in Asheville, N.C., Houston, Texas and Queens, N.Y.

GSA tests aggressive recycling goals at Denver center as part of nationwide effort

GSA says that it has expanded recycling efforts at the Denver center by launching additional single-stream recycling and organic waste collection services for six of its 44 buildings there.

Cobert: OMB goals go beyond Obama's last term

Governmentwide initiatives launched by the Office of Management and Budget during the Obama administration are meant to extend well past 2016, said OMB Deputy Director Beth Cobert.

Auditor questions the sustainability of US-led Afghan forces

The auditor that oversees reconstruction in Afghanistan expressed concern about the capability and long-term sustainability of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, which the United States has spent $62.5 billion to build over the last 13 years.

USPS posts $1.5B loss for the Q2 of fiscal 2015

The Postal Service ended the second quarter of fiscal 2015 with an operating revenue increase, but still lost more than one billion dollars overall, according to a May 8 USPS statement.

VHA nominee promises to leverage private sector experience to fix veteran medical care

President Obama's nominee to lead the Veterans Health Administration told legislators that he would lean on private sector best practices as he works to transform the way healthcare is administered to veterans.

IG: USPS Chicago district operations are inefficient

Customer service operations in the Postal Service's Chicago district are inefficient, with work hours greatly exceeding what was estimated, says an April 28 USPS inspector general report.

IG: Postal Service losing more than $20M because of inefficient fleet management

Postal Service vehicle maintenance facilities have not been efficient and missed performance targets that could have saved nearly $22 million, says an April 28 USPS inspector general report. The vehicles owned by the Postal Service represent a capital investment of nearly $3.6 billion, including all expenses.