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Latest Headlines

Agencies reduce federal real estate footprint by millions of square feet

Agencies governmentwide have reduced their real estate footprint by millions of square feet since President Obama issued a directive to restrict the growth of the federal footprint in 2013, says a March 25 Office of Management and Budget blog post. The 2013 directive was the first government-wide policy that required federal agencies to unload existing property before they could acquire new property.

DoD IG reverses clean audit of Marine Corps financial statements

The Defense Department's inspector general has reversed its clean fiscal 2012 financial audit of the Marine Corps after it recently found the data the IG relied on wasn't accurate. The DoD discovered the information the Marine Corps provided for the fiscal 2012 financial audit was unreliable after it reviewed the information again for the fiscal 2014 audit.

Budget constraints keep DOE from disposing of degrading nuclear facilities, GAO says

The Energy Department's office responsible for disposing of degrading nuclear facilities are not able to clean up those sites because of budget constraints, says a March 19 Government Accountability Office report. 

New order tasks agencies with cutting greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade

A new executive order seeks to have agencies cut their greenhouse gas emissions to an extent that could save the government billions of dollars, says a March 19 statement from Acting General Services Administration head Denise Turner Roth.

DoD and HUD don't know if homeless program at former military bases is working

The Defense and Housing and Urban Development departments don't know if they're helping the homeless find shelter at converted military bases because they don't track the data, says a March 16 Government Accountability Office report.

IG: EPA not properly managing its research equipment

Nearly 30 percent of research equipment the Enivornmental Protection Agency's inspector general reviewed either went unused or was obsolete, according to a March 16 EPA OIG report. The IG reviewed 99 pieces of research equipment at the EPA and found 30 pieces of equipment hadn't been use for between two to 15 years, the report says.

Report: GSA didn't always follow best practices when managing federal court renovations

The General Services Administration didn't properly follow its own best practices for managing large scale projects during some of its renovations to federal courthouses, says a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: OMB conference spending policies caused decline in DOE and DoD conference attendance

New conference rules, adopted in response to spending scandals over the last few years, caused a decline in attendance at federal science and technology conferences, says a March 4 Government Accountability Office report.

USPS plans to reduce carbon emission by 20% by 2020

The Postal Service plans to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by 2020 as part of an initiative led by an international organization of postal operators, says a USPS inspector general blog post.

Federal courts cut rent costs by reducing facility space

Federal courts across the country have reduced space and cut rent costs, according to a March 10 statement from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The judicial branch has reduced its building footprint by nearly 30 percent of its target goal, which is to reduce building space by 3 percent over the next three years, the statement says.