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Latest Headlines

VA depsec: 'Least worst alternative' for Denver construction fiasco is to pull from funds intended to lessen hospital wait times

The head of the Veterans Affairs Department wants to use funds allocated to help lessen hospital wait times for veterans to finish a medical center building project in Denver that is already $1 billion over budget.

Taxpayer Advocate: "I've never seen anything like this filing season on the phones"

The IRS is able to field fewer and fewer calls from taxpayers as the filing deadline approaches on April 15, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson said at a Brookings Institution event April 8.

IG: SSA should rethink handing out English fluency-related disability benefits to Puerto Ricans

The Social Security Administration inspector general is questioning the SSA policy that Puerto Rican residents qualify for disability benefits because they lack fluency in Spanish, says a recent SSA OIG report. SSA rules say that U.S. citizens who don't speak English are less employable regardless of education or experience and because of that qualify for disability benefits.

Open government group calls for firing of Commerce IG Todd Zinser

More calls are coming in for Commerce Department Inspector General Todd Zinser to be fired, this time coming from the open government advocacy group Project on Government Oversight. "Through his actions both before his appointment as IG and since, Mr. Zinser has proven that he is not fit for the position," a letter from POGO says.

FBI warns of online scams posing as government services websites

The FBI Tuesday warned the public of online scams that mimic federal websites and steal users' personal information.

OMB sets schedule for agency performance goals

The Office of Management and Budget set a schedule for performance goals for agencies as the Obama presidency winds down. OMB Director Shaun Donovan sent a memo April 6 to agency heads outlining the timeline for setting the performance goals for federal programs.

NTEU: IRS overwhelmed this tax season due to budget cuts

Taxpayers are once again encountering long wait times for help with their taxes as the filing deadline approaches, because budget cuts have left the Internal Revenue Service understaffed, says the National Treasury Employees Union.

VA cedes control of bloated Denver medical facility construction to Army Corps of Engineers

The Veterans Affairs Department says the Army Corps of Engineers will take over the construction management of the new Denver VA medical facility after the project ran $1 billion over budget under the VA's watch, according to an April 2 Associated Press article. VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson visited the Denver VA medical center construction site and met with contractors, saying the VA still needs another $830 million to complete the project.

AP: Special Operations members don't think women can do the job

U.S. special forces members don't believe that women can handle the physical and mental demands and are concerned the Defense Department will weaken standards to allow women to serve in the elite fighting units, says an April 6 Associated Press article.

IG: USPS inching toward solvency with DRIVE program

The Postal Service hopes to inch closer to solvency by 2016 through a program that lays out specific goals to close the agency's $20 billion financial gap, says an April 6 USPS inspector general blog post. The IG measured the progress of the Postal Service's Delivering Results, Innovation, Value and Efficiency program, commonly known as DRIVE.