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Latest Headlines privacy and security vulnerabilities unresolved, says GAO

Some security and privacy weaknesses that were part of's initial deployment remain unresolved, finds the Government Accountability Office. While the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has addressed some of the issues with the site, it hasn't fully mitigated all of them, says the watchdog.

Homeland, intelligence officials say no info that ISIL infiltrating southern US border

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson recently testified that he's unaware of any plot by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to cross into the United States thorugh Mexico.

House committee approves legislation to give IGs more power

A House committee Wednesday passed legislation that would make it easier for inspectors general to compel agencies to hand over information during investigations. The bill (H.R.5492) would allow inspectors general to write testimonial subpoenas for federal government contractors and former employees. That would strengthen the independence of inspectors general and allow them investigate agencies with less obstruction, a Sept. 17 statement from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says.

GAO: DHS needs a better approach to assess vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure

Congressional investigators said the Homeland Security Department needs a better way to consistently assess vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure despite conducting thousands of reviews in recent years.

TIGTA: IRS slow to process complaints against tax preparers

The Internal Revenue Service isn't processing complaints against tax preparers in a timely manner, which leaves unethical tax preparers able to swindle more taxpayers, a recently released Aug. 8 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report says. The IRS processed about 77 million individual electronically filed federal income tax returns prepared by paid tax return preparers in 2013.

IG: USPS not following proper process for planning DRIVE marketing goals

Postal Services managers didn't follow the proper management processes when planning and evaluating metrics for a new marketing initiative aimed at increasing revenue for the beleaguered agency, a Sept. 10 USPS inspector general report says. USPS originally established 36 Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency initiatives in fiscal 2011 to improve its business strategy.

VA lacks understanding of civilian adjustment, finds GAO

Although the Veterans Affairs Department lists veteran wellness and economic security as a strategic objective, the department lacks information to assess its ability to meet that goal,  finds  a Sept. 10 Government Accountability Office report. Veterans readjusting to civilian life often face employment challenges, relationship difficulties, homelessness or substance abuse, say auditors.

Report: IGs want more freedom and fewer congressional mandates

Congressionally mandated investigations like those concerning conference spending are burdening agency inspectors general, preventing them from diving into in-depth work that focuses on more nefarious behavior, says a Sept. 15 report by the Association of Government Accountants and Kearney & Company.

Report: DHS training not all relevant to all its agencies

The centralized leadership training that the Homeland Security Department oversees for its components sometimes isn't all applicable to those components, says a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Republicans target passports of American citizens who fight with terrorist groups

Republicans in the House and the Senate introduced a series of bills last week that would allow the government to strip the passports and citizenship of Americans who join foreign terrorist organizations.