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Lapses in IRS oversight put government at risk for ACA tax fruad, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service didn't properly monitor the 50 different tax provisions related to the Affordable Care Act because of lapses in its information sharing system, according to an Aug. 20 report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

DOI mismanaged grants for university climate research partnerships, IG says

The inspector general found problems with several areas of the funding process involving the government-university partnerships, which provide scientific and technical information to combat climate change,

DHS revising grant guidance to mandate communications equipment be interoperable

The inspector general said in a audit that grant guidance issued by the Office of Emergency Communications and the Federal Emergency Management Agency "does not prevent grantees from purchasing non-interoperable equipment."

Coordinates of U.S.-funded health clinics in Afghanistan were completely wrong, SIGAR says

The auditor for reconstruction operations in Afghanistan says the coordinates of U.S.-funded health clinics were nowhere near the actual locations of the facilities.

Widespread, unapproved use of Yammer possibly exposed sensitive data, VA probe finds

Thousands of Veterans Affairs Department employees appear to have been using the web-based collaboration tool Yammer since 2008, even though it wasn't approved by the department, potentially exposing some personal and sensitive information.

DHS IG: FEMA regional office not meeting certain emergency management responsibilities

Region V – which manages emergency management activities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio – does not have policies and procedures to provide temporary public transportation during disasters, process public assistance appeals in a timely manner, and doesn't hold required meetings regarding regional issues.

Steps taken to improve DHS conference expense reporting after agency watchdog finds problems

From fiscal 2014 to the first quarter of 2015, Homeland Security Department officials disclosed expenses for only 15 percent of the 187 hosted conferences they were required to report to the department's inspector general.

USPTO employee got paid for 730 hours while doing no work, IG says

A Patent and Trademark Office employee racked up 730 hours worth of pay for doing no work and the agency should try to recoup that money, says an Aug. 19 Commerce Department inspector general report.

Federal contractor accused of faulty background checks settles for $30M

The contractor that the Justice Department says knowingly took shortcuts when investigating individuals seeking security clearances agreed to forgo about $30 million that it says the Office of Personnel Management still owes the company, according to an Aug. 19 DOJ statement.

TSA workers' comp program continues to concern auditors, despite improvements

The Transportation Security Administration has taken several key steps over the last eight years to better manage workers' compensation claims, but a new audit finds a few more concerns, including duplicate case management systems and potential for higher agency chargeback costs.