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Latest Headlines

Donahoe says digital technology will save direct mail marketing

Using embedded digital technology will make direct mail a major part of marketing campaigns again, said Postal Service Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe at an industry conference March 17.

Correct, don't delete, advises federal social media manager

If an agency posts misinformation or information that's misinterpreted or subject to negative attention, it's best to acknowledge it, correct it and move on, said Nicole Stillwell, community and brand manager for the State Department's bureau of consular affairs office of policy coordination and public affairs new media.

Crowdsourcing could provide unique solutions for government, report says

Crowdsourcing through social media can engage the public and identify innovative solutions to government problems, says an Aug. 19 report (.pdf) from the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The report outlined four approaches to crowdsourcing, including engaging the public to report problems and broadcasting problem-solving challenges on the internet.

New White House site lists federal agency programs

The White House just launched an online catalog of federal programs that centralizes information available on individual agency websites. The website mission is to provide the public with an easily accessible and searchable inventory of government programs.

Social media accounts becoming ubiquitous in Congress

Nearly all members of Congress had official Twitter or Facebook accounts as of last year, a new report from the Congressional Research Service says. In the House, three-fourths of members had official accounts on both websites as of January 2012, compared to about two-thirds of senators, says the report, dated March 22 and posted online by Secrecy News.

Pinterest helps Navy meet non-traditional audience

Pinterest is among the three most popular social media tools and the fastest growing. Most importantly for the Navy, Pinterest users are creative, engaged and more than 60 percent are female--helping the service reach a non-traditional audience.

OSHA ranks worst in guaranteeing scientific freedom of expression

Government scientists have gained more whistleblower protection and freedom to express personal opinions under the Obama administration, but most agencies still do not give scientists access to drafts and final revisions in which their work played a part, a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists  found.

White House puts the brakes on runaway petition site

The White House has raised the signature threshold petitions on its We the People  website  must reach to receive an official administration response after the administration was inundated with both serious and inflammatory petitions that reached a previous threshold.

Tips for multilingual social media from State Dept. and GSA

Social media managers with non-English-speaking audiences should make sure the links they post will be useful for those audiences, Mariya Bouraima of the State Department said in an October webinar.

Voters increasingly post their ballot outcomes on social media

In a  poll  (.pdf) of 1,011 adults living in the continental United States conducted over landline and cell phones from Nov. 1 through Nov. 4, Pew researchers find that 22 percent of registered voters have let others know how they voted on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. The poll has a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.