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Latest Headlines

VA ignored whistleblower complaints, failed to discipline employees, OSC says

The Veterans Affairs Department has repeatedly ignored whistleblower claims and failed to discipline employees for wrongdoing, and that's preventing feds from stepping forward when they see misconduct at the agency, Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner wrote in a letter to the White House.

OSC received record number of whistleblower retaliation complaints in fiscal 2014

The Office of Special Counsel received a record number of complaints claiming whistleblower retaliation or other violations of federal employee rights in fiscal 2014, according to OSC's annual report to Congress.

CRS: Oversight of intelligence community contractors nearly impossible due to classified data

Oversight of intelligence community contracts is extremely difficult because the government doesn't have reliable contracting data and most of the intelligence information is classified, says an Aug. 18 Congressional Research Service report that was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists.

Brookings fellow: More transparency yields better projects at federal aid agencies

If federal aid agencies want to maximize the impact of their development projects they should begin by being more transparent with the progress of their projects, says Brookings Institution Fellow Jeffrey Gutman in a July 20 blog post.

DOJ legal counsel ruling will block IG's access to some information

The Justice Department's inspectors general face new limits on the information they're allowed to access, thanks to a new ruling from DOJ's legal counsel outlined in a July 20 memo.

NRC IG: Process for public to seek corrections to agency information ineffective, inefficient

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission does not have a good process in place that allows the public to seek corrections to agency information or to access previously submitted correction requests, according to a recent audit by the inspector general.

Reforms to IGs, acquisition, FOIA included in POGO's 'Baker's Dozen' of congressional priorities

POGO's 2015 "Baker's Dozen" includes areas for legislative reform as well as issues that would benefit from improved oversight.

OMB agrees to release large index of government data, Sunlight Foundation says

Enterprise data inventories are comprehensive lists of a federal agency's information holdings that can provide a view of the data held internally across the government.

Second draft version US public participation document released

A second version of a draft document that provides best practices and performance metrics, which federal agencies can use to improve public participation, has been recently released.

With few exceptions, NASA largely complying with premium travel policies, IG finds

Except for a handful of instances, an internal audit has found that most NASA first- and business-class travel was properly authorized and complied with federal government policy. Still, the inspector general said the agency can improve compliance with travel policy and the accuracy of travel reports submitted to the General Services Administration.