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Latest Headlines

No shooting at Washington Navy Yard, all personnel are safe, Military officials say

Federal workers at the Washington Navy Yard were given the "all clear"  –  lifting a morning lockdown  –  after someone inside the installation in Southeast D.C. reported hearing shots fired around 7:30 a.m.

Senior execs register higher job satisfaction than rank-and-file feds, analysis shows

Senior executives reported higher satisfaction with their jobs than rank and file federal employees on last year's Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, according to an analysis by the Partnership for Public Service.

Report: Minorities make up less than a quarter of CIA workforce

Minorities make up less than a quarter of the Central Intelligence Agency's workforce, and that number shrinks to only 11 percent in the agency's Senior Intelligence Service, according to an internal CIA study.

Congress passes bill that would ease tax burden for some feds who withdraw retirement funds early

Congress sent a bill to President Obama's desk that would relieve certain federal workers of the tax penalty incurred when withdrawing from their retirement funds early.

DoD isn't monitoring housing allowances given to civilians overseas, GAO says

The Defense Department and its components don't always audit the housing allowances they give to civilian employees overseas to make sure the allowances are valid, says a June 16 Government Accountability Office report.

Tester bill would allow agencies to share most qualified job candidates

Senators Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) introduced legislation June 16 that would allow federal agencies to share job applicants. The Competitive Service Act would allow agencies to create a list of job candidates that could be used for similar jobs governmentwide, says a June 16 statement from Tester.

Bill would make stealing retirement funds from feds a felony

A bipartisan team of Senators has introduced a bill that they say would crack down on federal retirement benefit fraud and misuse.

EPA receives clean audit following time and attendance fraud

The Environmental Protection Agency has received a clean audit for its monitoring of employees on extended leave after it was discovered in 2013 that an employee had spent more than two years collecting pay without going to work, says a June 15 EPA inspector general report.

Air Force starts third round of voluntary early retirements, buyouts for civilian employees

The reduction is part of a Defense Department initiative that requires each military branch to cut costs and staff by at least 20 percent by 2019.

Special Forces officer tells Senate panel he was vilified as whistleblower

An Army Lieutenant Colonel told a Congressional panel that his security clearance was suspended and he came under a criminal investigation after being labeled a whistleblower.