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Latest Headlines

Rule change will allow same-sex spouses to get job leave to care for a family member

Workers in legal, same-sex marriages regardless of where they live will be able to apply for federal job-protected leave to care for a spouse with a serious illness, says a Feb. 23 Labor Department statement.

Most senior execs scored in top two performance categories, finds GAO

Most agency senior executives scored in the top two performance categories when being evaluated for pay and bonuses between fiscal 2010 and 2013, says a recently released Jan. 22 Government Accountability Office report. But the gap in pay and awards between those top two ratings is dwindling.

House lawmaker proposes bill to curb viewing pornography at federal agencies

A House Oversight and Government Reform Committee member has introduced legislation that would prohibit federal employees from accessing pornographic or explicit material on government computers and devices.

TIGTA: IRS rehired hundreds of ex-employees with misconduct records

The Internal Revenue Service rehired hundreds of ex-employees even though they'd previously left the agency due to misconduct, says a recently released Dec. 30 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report. The IRS rehired 323 ex-employees who'd left amid misconduct allegations between January 2010 and July 2013, the report says.

OPM backlog spikes at the start of 2015

The Office of Personnel Management's retirement claims backlog increased in the first month of 2015. It received fewer retirement claims than it had predicted, but also processed fewer claims, OPM statistics show.

Edwards introduces bill to reduce fed employee pension contributions

A Maryland legislator last week introduced a bill that would roll back a law that raised the amount federal employees are required to pay into their pensions. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) reintroduced a bill from last session, called the Federal Employee Pension Fairness Act.

GPO reduces workforce by 5% through buyouts

The Government Publishing Office reduced its workforce by five percent after offering employee buyouts in the first quarter of fiscal 2015, says a Feb. 4 GPO statement.

The president's 2016 budget request: Defense Department

As part of the fiscal 2016 budget request President Obama delivered to Congress Feb. 2, the Defense Department seeks $534 billion – a figure about $36 billion above the fiscal 2016 sequestration caps and about $38 billion, or 7.86 percent, above the enacted fiscal 2015 levels. 

The president's 2016 budget request: OMB's federal agency and workforce priorities

In addition to a modest pay increase for federal employees, the president's fiscal 2016 budget request lays out additional plans that could help the government attract and retain talent, and improve employee morale.

GAO: Federal workforce skills gap could cost government money

The Office of Personnel Management needs to do a better job of closing the federal workforce skills gap or it will cost the government money, says a Jan. 30 Government Accountability Office report.