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Latest Headlines

House approves bill giving VA secretary greater firing authority

The House passed a bill Wednesday that would give the Veterans Affairs Department secretary greater authority to fire employees, which supporters say is necessary to turn the scandal-torn agency around.

USPS complied with executive salary regulations, IG says

The Postal Service complied with all federal salary regulations that govern total compensation including annual salaries and bonuses for USPS employees, says a July 22 Postal Service inspector general report.

OPM retroactively raises the price of background investigations for other agencies

The Office of Personnel Management has retroactively increased the prices that agencies have to pay to have background checks done for new employees and those seeking security clearance, according to a July 21 OPM memo.

Political marginalization can lead senior agency employees to exit public service, says paper

Senior agency leaders with vast institutional knowledge may be driven from public service due to political disagreement with a new presidential administration, according to a new paper from researchers at Vanderbilt University and the University of Southern California.

Fed employee association worried Congress will raid TSP to pay for highway funding

A federal employee union expressed fear that lawmakers will raid federal retirement benefits as a way to pay for the Highway Trust Fund.

GAO: A few large agencies negatively skewed federal employee morale index

Federal employee engagement has been steadily declining since 2011, but much of that decline can be attributed to lower engagement rates at a few larger agencies, according to a July 12 Government Accountability Office report.

Army to cut 17,000 civilian jobs

Budget constraints are forcing the Army to reduce its civilian workforce by 17,000 jobs as well as make a slew of military cuts, according to a July 9 statement from the service.

SSA needs to be more transparent about closing field offices, AFGE says

A federal employee union is pressing the Social Security Administration on whether it plans to close more SSA field offices. From 2011 to 2014, SSA closed more than 70 field offices and 500 contact stations.

USPS-Staples deal draws ire of labor group

A regional branch of the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint charging that the Postal Service illegally subcontracted work to office supply store Staples, says a July 1 American Postal Workers Union statement.

Navy extends maternity leave to 18 weeks

The Navy and Marine Corps will now allow women to take 18 weeks of maternity leave, tripling the amount of leave that new mothers previously had, says a July 2 Navy statement.